He put the bike in a cardboard box and removed the pedals.  This is what the airlines have requested.  Returned from Lisbon to Poznan by bike

The cycling lover covered the Lisbon-Poznan road on two wheels.

The guy had a crazy plan to implement, and he wanted to return from Lisbon to Poznan by bike. He had to pack the bike in a cardboard box so he could take it on the plane. When he arrived in Lisbon with his family, he immediately folded his bicycle and began to walk.

First, he wanted to get to the Tago River, cross it by ferry and set off into the unknown. At the ticket office, he bought a ticket for himself and his bike. – We make a harmonious pair. We got our first break to enjoy Lisbon from the water perspective. After leaving the ferry, I set out on the road between towns and cities. After twelve kilometers or so, I got bored of the landscape. Google Maps always has a recipe for this. They made us pay attention. And I’m stupid, I obey. They led me to a desert road where I had to ride my bike. I came tired and angry to the asphalt road. “Gugiel” drove me excitedly into the sand, so… I stopped him. I went to azimuth. I was heading to Setúbal. Another crossing was waiting for me. The road was mountainous. I didn’t know then how many kilometers I would go. Adrian Szymansky said.

He visited the most beautiful places in Portugal, Spain and France from a bicycle perspective. After many travel adventures, kilometers and obstacles, he finally returned to Poland, and then to Poznan. – On the one hand, I am, as usual, happy and touching to be back in Poland. On the other hand, there is a tear of sadness. It’s the end of the adventure. The end of freedom granted by the pedals. Will I leave again? I don’t know, but I’ll fold the bike so I can put on the panniers at any time and set off for a wild and forever young adventure – This is how Adrian summed up his bike ride.

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