He played in Wadjda films and in James Bond films.  For the authorities of the People’s Republic of Poland he was a traitor

  • Władysław Sheybal was born on 12 March 1923 in Zgierz. His parents wanted him to become an architect or a doctor, so he chose acting
  • After completing the filming of “Canal”, he went on a scholarship to Paris. In 1957 he emigrated to London, where he – like Vladik Chebal – continued his artistic career (his specialty was the roles of spies from the East) and directed educational activities.
  • Władysław Sheybal died on October 16, 1992 as a result of a ruptured abdominal aorta. He was buried in Putney Vale Cemetery, London
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“I don’t have a drop of Polish blood. I am first and foremost an Armenian, also a little Scottish, and a little Austrian.” – he wrote Vladislav Shebal In his memoirs Eyes and Voice. He was born on 12 March 1923 in Zgierz as the youngest son of Bronislava and Stanisław Šipal. His brother Kazimierz became a director, screenwriter and documentary filmmaker. In 1927 the family moved to Krzemieniec, where Stanisław Sheybal took the position of professor of painting at the famous local high school.

If Władysław had fulfilled his parents’ plans, he would have become an architect (this was his father’s wish) or a doctor (his mother’s dream). However, he set himself a completely different goal:

Photopressporio de Boer / Wikipedia

Vladislav Shebal

It was heard that he does not sin with beauty or talent

In September 1939, the Red Army entered Krzemieniec. Vladislav Shebal He witnessed the crimes of Soviet soldiers, and the resulting trauma from communism would accompany him for the rest of his life. Two years later, when Krzymenek was occupied by the Germans, Schebal managed to get to Warsaw, where he was conditionally accepted into the State Institute of Dramatic Art (PIST). Apparently (so stated Witold Sadoy) During the entrance examination, the committee decided that he had “no sin of beauty or talent” and rejected him. According to Andrzej Łapicki, when Sheybal heard that he had not entered his dream into acting studies, he burst into tears, and this supposedly prompted the committee members to accept him on terms. He was given six months to prove he had talent. Just a few weeks later, both the lecturers and classmates (incl. Zofia MrozowskaAnd Antonina Gordon GoricaAnd Barbara RatchwalskaŁapicki) did not doubt Władysław Sheybal’s talent.

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After the Warsaw Uprising, the Germans transferred Władysław Sheybal to the Altwarp concentration camp. Narrowly avoid death by escaping from prisoner transport before being executed. He arrived in Kraków, where the painter Hanna Rudzka Sipesowa hid him until the end of the war.

Władysław Sheybal started his career in March 1945. During the season spent at the Stary Theatre, he made friends with Tadeusz omnicki. In the mid-1950s, he was one of the most respected actors of his generation. He owes this position not only to his theatrical performance, but also to the creation he created in Andrzej Wajda’s channel. He played composer Michał, who goes insane while crossing the sewers to Śródmieście.

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