He landed on Mars to search for life.  He found something unexpected

According to the assumptions, The chariot of perseverance was supposed to land on sedimentary rocks made of mud and tailings. These are the remains of the previous lake that was supposed to fill the basin Jezero CraterOn which the Mars probe is currently moving. As expected, approx 3.7 billion years ago, this place was filled with liquid water.

Given these predictions, the new discovery seems surprising. Perseverance encountered a volcanic remnant In the form of igneous rocks. This is an amazing new block puzzle The interesting story of Mars. Scientists say this will help identify When the red planet was still habitable.

Igneous rocks are a surprise at Jezero Crater. This does not mean, however, that no deposits are expected to be present. From the moment Perseverance landed on Mars, it has been found Rocks with a composition similar to the deep underwater sediments found on Earth.

It’s specific Problem where the oxidation of iron in reaction with water can produce hydrogen and hydrocarbons. It can turn into an item as a result Building blocks for more complex organic compounds.

as commented on Ken Farley, Professor of Geochemistry at Caltech (California Institute of Technology), and is the lead author of a research paper on the unusual discovery. The origin of the igneous rocks at Jezero Crater remains a mystery because there are no clear signs of volcanic activity there or near it.

Perseverance explored two volcanic rock formations – Sitah and Muaz. The former contains a lot of olivine, a volcanic mineral made of magnesium and iron silicate. The second is interpreted as being formed from lava flowing over Sittah.

the exams Sven Erik Hamran from the University of Oslo It indicates that the entire geological unit is called Séítah extends under the soil of Mars and has been partially brought to the surface. In this way, it forms a characteristic rocky ridge with a length of one kilometer.

Lifting such geological units requires the activity of tectonic forces that have not been recorded or found on Mars. It can be said that the rocks were tilted after being deposited by a phenomenon not yet established. Farley Comments.

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