He is her great love.  I sacrificed relationships for him.  Who is the only son of Bola Raksa?

She was amazing with her beauty and amazing talent. She quickly became one of the most popular Polish actresses. It seemed that her career would be long and fruitful, but Paula Raksa decided to move into the shadows. He constantly avoids blips, prefers his privacy at home, and entrusts his secrets to his son, Marcin Kostenko. Who is he and what does he do?

Bula Raksa – Roles and End of Career

She first appeared on screen in 1960 Satan of the seventh degree. Then she starred Manuscript found in Zaragoza, Ash whether Four armored personnel carriers and dogs. These products made her very popular. Bola Raksa enjoyed the sympathy of viewers at the time. Everyone loved her acting creativity and unique beauty. Unfortunately, at some point I decided to move into the shadows. Working on film sets slowly began to tire her.

After quitting acting, she began designing costumes for plays and writing columns. The last public favorite text was published in 2002 in stock.

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Paula Raksa, 2019

picture. Marcin Michalski/Studio 69/Forum

Who is Marcin Kostenko, son of Paula Raksa? Private life and relationships

In the past, she was associated with several men, but she had her only son – Marcin with her husband, Andrei Kostenko. Today, it is he who faithfully stays with his mother and helps those in need. Moreover, he rejects all attempts to contact Bhola Raksa. It doesn’t matter if they are journalists or friends.

Currently, not much is known about him and the actress herself. They do not give interviews, but rather constantly avoid public conversations or events. Nor is it certain whether the artist was still in Cousin where she lived after she finished her career. It was also speculated that Bola Raksa moved to London, but this information has not been confirmed.

How was Marcin Kostenko’s relationship with his mother in the past? The actress’s only child was the apple of her eye, but their relationship wasn’t always perfect. The artist was often called to school because the teachers could not cope with him. Shoot plasticine balls at teachers. Over time, the situation became so serious that he had to attend a school for troubled youth. Krzysztof Tomasik writes in his book The Face of Polly Rakci: “At first he attended the secondary school named Narcyza Żmichowska, and with the passage of time it was decided to send Marcin to a male secondary school for troubled youth, run by the Piarist Order in Kraków.” . “My child is completely different and you have to accept it, although sometimes it is very difficult,” admitted the favorite viewer in an interview with “Nowiny Jeleniogórskie”.

Recall that in the 80s all of Poland talked about Paula Raksa’s affair with Bogusław Linda, who is 11 years her junior. The lovers did not hide their feelings at that time, but the son was against this relationship. Marcin explained to her that an actor was not the right candidate for her. He did not accept his mother’s new love. Then the 15-year-old did everything to disgust Bogusław’s mother Linda. His actions brought the expected results. And the media wrote that he was the reason for the end of this relationship. Officially, Paula Raxa broke up with her lover because she wanted stability in her life, and he didn’t want to marry her. The author of the book continued: “Linda had quarrels, drunkenness and betrayal. It was a rule that if you fell in love too much, it would never end well. And it was impossible to live and sleep. And I drank,” Linda confirmed years later.

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Paula Raksa, 2019

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picture. Marcin Michalski/Studio 69/Forum

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