He is accused of torturing people.  Become the president of Interpol

against the main Criminal complaints have been filed in five countries, Including In France, where there is Interpol And In Turkey, where elections are held for this position.

The Associated Press noted that The Emirati ran an effective campaignIn order to be elected – he traveled the world and met legislators and senior government officials. Confirmed his grades and academic titleswhich he gained while studying in Great Britain and the USA and many years of police experience.

In an interview with the media, he pointed out that He wants to “modernize and transform” InterpolBased on his experience “as the UAE’s technology-driven Chief of Police and a bridge builder between international communities”.

As announced by Interpol on Thursday Valdesi Urquiza will become Vice President of the Americas From Brazil and its counterpart To Africa Garba Baba Umar from Nigeria.

The Federated States of Micronesia joined INTERPOL on Tuesday, becoming the same Member State No. 195 this organization.


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