He fired a penalty kick in the match against Poland “For Life”.  It’s being talked about again.  “He was weak”

Then the Turkish referee awarded a penalty kick at the Olympic Stadium in the 78th minute after a foul by Wojciech Szczesny. The Juventus goalkeeper did not even discuss this ruling because he was aware of the contact with Marcel Sabitzer. He just punched the referee sideways and walked toward the goal line. He failed to stop Marko Arnautovic and The “Eagles” left the Berlin Stadium with a score of 1:3.

It must be admitted that the referee’s decision was correct and there was no reason for VAR to intervene. Many people, watching the replay, claim that it was the striker who hit the lying Szczesny’s head with his foot. The problem is that the Austrian played with the ball and controlled it, and the Polish goalkeeper threw himself into the opponent’s running path without touching the ball. Therefore, the goalkeeper’s intervention did not work, and the experienced Borussia Dortmund player took advantage of the Pole’s mistake

~ Łukasz Rogowski instead of Interia regarding Szczęsny’s mistake on Sabitzer

Echoes of a crucial decision in Germany’s match against Denmark. Roman Colton has no doubts. Video /Pulsat Sport/Polsat Sport

In England, they were angry with referee Umut Miller. “The performance was not up to expectations.”

Once again, Gareth Southgate’s players have left a bad taste in their mouths with their performance, although they deserve credit. Dash before the goal to make the score 1-1 and push the opponent to the wall in extra time. However, it is difficult to treat them as a team capable of beating Germany or Spain in a potential final. After the match, Telegraph columnist Keith Hackett focused not on the team’s footballing problems but on a negative assessment of the referee’s work.

“It was so weak that it could have cost England promotion. He is a strict enforcer of the law and shows courage when he takes on his duties, but his performance on Sunday was inconsistent. He did not receive a yellow card for some of his subsequent reckless fouls. Unfortunately, the performance was not at the expected level. “If it had been consistent, it would have potentially resulted in Slovakia receiving several red cards.”

Khalil Umut Miller and Jude Bellingham/

He had no sense of the game, it was chaos. At this level you expect better from the referee. If you’re going to give yellow cards that quickly, you run the risk of giving out second yellow cards. The fact that this didn’t happen shows how inconsistent this referee is.

~ “The Telegraph”

In the quarter-finals, the English will play against the Swiss. The match will take place Saturday at 6:00 PM At the Fortuny Stadium in Dusseldorf.

Milan Skriniar was also booked in extra time of the first half./

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