He dies in Cannes a few hours before the screening of his film

Ahmed Beniza, an actor and director who is considered one of the best figures in Algerian drama and cinema, starred in the film “Gout d’Or” presented in Cannes, the Algerian Ministry of Culture has announced at the age of 78.

In his 50-year career, which began in 1971, he starred in more than 120 films, including internationally renowned Algerian productions such as “Babicha”, “Le Chang des Loops”, “De Hollywood a Damnroset” or “Outlaw”.

In a message to the family of the deceased on Facebook on Friday, Minister of Culture and the Arts Soraya Moulotzi expressed regret over the loss of the “monument” of Algerian culture, which will leave an indelible mark on the world of cinema and the Algerian theater.

As part of Criticism Week, he died in Cannes on Friday, just before the screening of Clement Cogidore’s movie “Quote D’Or”.

“He was devastated by an illness,” he said, adding that his son would be buried in Algeria, the official Algerian agency ABS pointed out.

Famous Algerian writer Kamel Dawood paid a strong tribute to him on Twitter: “A handsome soul, a brilliant actor, a man of unparalleled talent and immense talent,” emphasizing the participation of Ahmed Benoit in the filming of “Meursault + Against Trial”. (Inspired by the titled novel by M. Dawood, author’s note) For one of the two main roles ”.

Born in Algiers in 1944, Ahmed Benassa was one of the richest businessmen in Algerian drama and cinema, collaborating with many directors such as Mersak Allovach and Rashid Bouchareb.

Recognized for his exceptional talent, he has directed several projects on stage in Algiers and the Oran (West) Theater.

In 1995, Ahmed Beniza also directed the CD Bel Abbey’s regional theater, not far from Oran, during the most difficult period of the country’s civil war between 1992 and 2002.

The actor has also appeared regularly in productions for Algerian and French television.

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