He crashed and escaped with his curved hood.  However, recording this situation did not help

“The Opel driver in the middle of the street began to fix his pants, someone in traffic shot him, then he came to me with a friend. After exchanging words, I passed him and continued. Literally a minute or two later, the Cossack was driving in the back of the car, Then he ran away.” It can be read in the registry description.

The recording, posted by Stop Cham later, appears, as at an intersection in وودód Opel Another vehicle collided, and its driver, who was not affected by the accident, was fleeing the scene with a curved hood and abrasions in the front of the car. The author of the recording is driving the car that was driving the car, which was injured in a crash Citroen And most likely (you can’t hear him in the recording) he gives her the contact to himself and informs her that he recorded the whole event. The note at the bottom of the film shows that the police are still searching for the perpetrator of the accident A Registration numbers His car was tampered with and is not on the police registry.

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60% of drivers have experienced aggression on the road

Aggression on Polish roads This phenomenon is visible not only in videos posted on the Web. A few years ago, the Automotive Transportation Institute examined the problem, questioning nearly 370 drivers. The results of the survey leave no illusions. The results of the company’s vehicle drivers study indicate that About 60 percent of respondents have fallen victim to aggressive behavior in road traffic. Interestingly, the same number of respondents stated that they had caused aggression towards other participants in traffic.

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Where does aggression come from on the road? According to the report published by the institute, much depends on individual personality traits, emotional balance, self-esteem, self-confidence, or the will to dominate and compete for the road. Convictions of anonymity or impunity, sometimes exacerbated by psychotropic substances, also determine drivers’ behaviour.

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