He assaulted a woman in an elevator.  I hit him in seconds

One man, in obvious opportunistic fashion, wanted it “Being loved” by a strange womanWith the one who rode the elevator. Moments later, he regretted his inappropriate behaviour. The entire video of the incident was circulated on social media and It sparked a wave of comments on the Internet.

The 31-second video clip shows a woman riding an elevator. Moments later, a man appeared behind her It violates her comfort zone. At first the woman walks away but the “fan” of winning is behind her again and this time He tries to grab her arm.

The woman could not tolerate such behavior any longer, and she certainly did not react that way The impulsive man was not expected. Moments later, he received a punch in the face, then a kick in the groin, after which he doubled down. But this was not the end of the punishment. The woman landed another punch with her knee that landed close to his jaw. After all, instead of in the arms of a stranger, The man ended up on the ground.

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