HBO: What is a weekend movie?  From December 10 to 12, 2021

a new movie? New series? We’re excited to tell you about the best new products on HBO GO. We will answer the question what are we watching.

Were you a fan of Sex and the City? Therefore, we recommend the series And like that… Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristen Davis), whom we met when trying to deal with complex reality when they were in their 30s, are now two decades older, but still have hopes-problems known. The first two episodes released yesterday, with a new episode released every week.

Young celebrities don’t always have the same mature life. The Canadian movie talks about it with a grain of salt teen detective. The famous child detective is now 32 years old, and in between heavy alcoholism and self-pity, he deals with petty issues. Everything changes when a gullible client approaches him on his first “serious” case. The movie will appear on HBO GO on Sunday.

Or maybe something about feelings? This topic is always relevant. A movie will tell about it tomorrow We only have today. We will see how a well-known comedian meets a young singer from New York, with whom he becomes friends almost instantly. Despite the differences between generations, a bond is born between them that redefines the concept of love and trust

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Text source: Hbo

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