HBO Max June 2022 – Premieres and news.  What movies and series will appear?

HBO Max has released the list of movies and series that will appear on the platform in June. We’ll wait for the most successful premieres until the end of the month. After that, the fourth season of “Westworld” and Marvel blockbuster “Venom 2: Carnage” will be available to users.

In the first week of June, Polish HBO Max users will have access to several new products. The series will appear for the first time on screens “Conversations with Friends”. The production based on the 2017 novel by Irish author Sally Rooney will appear on stage on June 3. In a few days, the first episodes will be available “Ermy Vape”, a remake of a movie from the 90s. In the first week of June, we’ll also be watching Max on HBO “Tina”‘Documentary portrait of ’80s music icon Tina Turner.

The middle of the month is primarily the premiere of hit movies. Among the novelties, among others, is a dystopian drama about the class struggle “new order”And the “Don’t Breathe 2” – A continuation of the surprisingly critically acclaimed horror movie from 2016, or “Penguin Bloom: The Amazing Sam Bloom Story”adapted from an Australian bestseller.

At the end of June, HBO Max will bring us the long-awaited premieres. June 26 will appear on the platform Poison 2: The Carnage., the next installment in the story of one of the main characters in the Marvel series. The film will begin airing relatively soon after its first cinematic debut in the fall. On June 27, Season 4 will be included in HBO Max News “Westworld”. The multi-threaded story about a futuristic amusement park is one of the most popular productions of the American platform.

Max is also preparing for a big draw for HBO users at the end of May. On the penultimate day of this month, the site will show the latest Harry Potter shows, Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets.

HBO Max News List – June 2022

June 1, 2022 – The Struggle

02/06/2022 – LOL

06/03/2022 – Conversations with Friends (1st season); Heavenly Beach

06/04/2022 – Smurfs: Raiders of the Lost Village; residence; A princess

05/06/2022 – Addams Family 2; unfortunate quickie or crazy porn; balloon; dictator

06/06/2022 – the future is a secluded place; Breakfast on Pluto

6/7/2022 – Irma Vape (season 1)

6/8/2022 – Amen

06/10/2022 – New Request

06/11/2022 – a jar; All dogs go to heaven 2

06/12/2022 – do not breathe 2; Lhamo and Skalbe

06/13/2022 – What every Scout should know. reality dance

06/16/2022 – before sunrise

06/18/2022 – The Great Story of Sam Bloom; the darkness

June 19, 2022 – The Getaway

20.06.2022 – Alternative

06/25/2022 – new mutations; no matter

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Main image source: HBO Max

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