HBO Max is officially in Poland!  Release date, subscription price and promotion for HBO Go subscribers

The rumors were confirmed earlier. We already know when exactly HBO Max will enter the Polish market!

We will be able to enjoy HBO Max in Poland already 8 Mark 2022 p. HBO’s Polish subsidiary has reported that existing HBO Go subscribers will be automatically transferred to HBO Max.

The price for a one-month subscription in our market is PLN 29.99. Go is made especially for people who currently pay HBO 33% discount on the price of a monthly subscription to HBO Max (thanks to which we will pay only 19.99 PLN per month). This promotion is valid for persons who sign up for the site by March 31, 2022 and will be valid indefinitely as payments continue. After March 31, 2022, an additional option will also be offered, HBO Max annual subscription plan for PLN 234.99

HBO Max will be available at a very attractive price. So far, the cost of a subscription to the HBO GO service in Poland, purchased directly, has been PLN 24.90 per month. After the launch of the HBO Max platform on the Polish market, the monthly subscription will cost PLN 29.99. To celebrate the launch of HBO Max, a special offer has been prepared, according to which users will receive a 33% discount on the monthly price forever. New users will be able to take advantage of the promotional discount if they purchase a subscription on the site by March 31 of this year. comprehensive. Existing HBO GO users, who subscribe directly to the service, will be automatically transferred to HBO Max, and their subscription price will be only PLN 19.99 per month. After March 31, 2022, an annual HBO Max subscription plan will also be offered at the price of PLN 234.99, according to which users will have access to the site’s library for a year for only eight months.

HBO Max will allow users, just like the Netflix app, to create Up to 5 profiles. HBO Max does not impose a maximum number of devices that can be used under a single account (At the same time, you can use three transfers from HBO Max). HBO Max will also offer 5.1 surround sound, Dolby Atmos and we will watch select movies and series in 4K quality.

it is known that Warner Bros. videos will be available on HBO Max 45 days from first theaters – at no additional charge.

The HBO Max app can be found among other apps on smartphones (iOS, Android), on Xbox One, PS4, PS5, XSX/XSS and most TVs with Smart TV functionality. It is working now The Polish site of HBO Max.

HBO Max will be available on many devices and apps, including Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Android TV™), Apple TV 4K, Google Chromecast™, and game consoles (PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S) or mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android™ devices), as well as on a computer (via a browser) at HBO Max will also be available through select operators.

Users will be able to pay for their subscription using major payment providers including VISA, Mastercard and PayPal, as well as through app stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Samsung Checkout).

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