HBO Continues 'The Gilded Age'
HBO is not waiting for the end of Season 1 of “The Gilded Age” and is already ordering a sequel. The decision was just a formality. The series in America could boast its best debut on HBO since “Chernobyl”.

About the series “The Gilded Age”

The American Golden Age was a period of massive economic change and the struggles that followed between those who favored the old, tried and tested approach and the proponents of entirely new systems and solutions. It was also a time of great fortunes – gained and lost.

The HBO series “The Gilded Age” began with this transformation in 1882, when, after her father’s death, young Brooke (Luissa Jacobson) moved from rural Pennsylvania to New York to live with their wealthy aunts Agnes Van Rijn (Kristen Baransky) and Ada Brook (Cynthia Nixon). Spending time with Peggy Scott (Denny Benton), an aspiring writer looking for an excuse to start over, Marianne accidentally finds herself embroiled in a struggle between an aunt, heiress to an old fortune, and her wealthy neighbors – a ruthless struggle between a railroad magnate and his ambitious wife – George ( Morgan Spector) and Berta Russell (Carrie Coon). In the world on the edge of modernity, will Marianne adapt to existing social norms, or will he, nevertheless, search for his own way?

Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey) is the creator of The Gilded Age, who serves as writer and executive producer. Gareth Nehme is also an Executive Producer. Directing is written by Michael Engler and Sally Richardson Whitfield, who are also executive producers.

The first season consists of 9 episodes.

Promotional ad for the series “The Gilded Age”

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