How Michael Brown got the story he tells“2? The Argentine actor who gave life to Franco Reyes shared his opinion about the plot to continue the second season of Colombia Telanovela.

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Eternal lover of Sarita Elizondo, And one of the protagonists of this story, a brother, walked out of practice . In May 2021 the artist declined to participate in a series confirmed by the American chain.

Unfortunately he said he had something else Prevents their cooperation in the following conspiracy. “Hawks’ passion”, 20 years after the final events of fiction, still exists today and is a trend on streaming sites like this .

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“I’m going to be on another project, so I can’t be. I think there could be bigger parts in the cast.”, Counted . Brown made it clear that he would begin recording between November and December. “At the same time as they start, I can’t”, Mentioned in Half Argentina.

Michael Brown is best known for his role as Franco Reyes Guerrero. Who doesn’t remember all he has to do to protect his love for Sarita Elizondo? (Photo: Telemundo)

What did you like about the story of “Passion de Cavillions” season 2?

Michael Brown He took the time to talk about what “Passion de Cavillions” Season 2. Because the actor, of course, was on the production radar, they had a Close It didn’t end with the addition of the actor.

In the process, Brown got a share of what it would be like New chapters According to his statements, “Pasión de gavilanes”. For the actor, of course, I enjoyed the story He predicted that the sequel would have an impact among followers.

“I read a short article and the story is amazing. He’s going to create a great goal and a great experience.”, Said a translator working in Bogot, Colombia, Then Mexico When the recordings of the Colombian soap opera begin.

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Hawk 2's Interest: Why Michael Brown Wants to Do Season 2?  (Photo: Telemundo)
Hawks Passion 2: Why Michael Brown Wants To Do Season 2? (Photo: Telemundo)

What role does Michael Brown play in “Passion de Cavillions”?

Argentine actor Michael Brown played Franco Reyes In the first season of “Passion de Cavilans”. He was one of the main brothers of the Colombian telenovela and continued to be in love Sarita Elizondo (Natasha Glass) And singer Rosario Montes, Explained by Jarrick Leon.

To this day, Brown maintains fond memories of his character, which is much celebrated by fans. Colombian production. The character of Franco Reyes is a great reminder. He is a character that I carry in my heart. Very innocent. The 7 year old girl said she was looking at me on the street. And it’s going to be so crazy, it’s making the novel current. It’s digestible and continues to be exciting. “Said in Mitter.

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