Have Meghan and Harry been reinstated into the royal family?  This was a major financial problem for Charles III

Harry and Meghan The United Kingdom no longer smells of sanctity. And yet… the pair were once crazy to the British. This was before 2020’s Mexit, before the Sussexes’ exile in the US and their series of scandals. The turmoil that rocked Buckingham Palace now did not reach the ears of the California refugees.

However, it seems like something has been brewing for months. We saw Prince Harry to go Twice in London this year. First to go to the bedside of his father who was suffering from prostate cancer. Later to attend a ceremony organized as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Invictus Games. Can there be harmony in the air?

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Harry and Meghan back to London: A ‘big problem’?

These are the terms in which expert Cameron Walker explains the situation on the Royal Recount podcast. In an extract published by our colleagues Glassexplains the British crown expert Return of Sussex to Buckingham Palace There will be more weight on public funds.
King Charles III In fact the British had to use part of the taxes they paid to finance their expenses (travel, security, etc.).

“They still rank down there, just ahead of Prince Andrew, just below them. If they become active members of the family again, Taxpayers must pay for their protectionStaff travel and everything else”, Cameron Walker says. This should not encourage the British to bury themselves with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Residence of Frogmore Cottage
A wedding gift from the late Elizabeth II a year ago.

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