Hat-trick for Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmirez at Gala Les Olivier

The 27-year-old comedian, who started last year His first solo show, Comedy, Hat, Mom, Magic, Piano, Gave reason for the predictions, was the most favorite of the evening with four suggestions. He kicked the award ball, holding Olivier in his hands for the number of that yearr No one.

A number I had to be diligent in doing that, because it was so “Firt”. I was told: “You have to think about Therese of Trois-Rivers”, she was like an idiot to someone. In a creative environment, it was very sad for me to hear words like this coming from decision makers who think the audience is thickPierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais said about receiving the award.

This trophy, I would like to dedicate […] From Trois-Rivières who loved my work to Therese, and […] My colleagues were denied the number or disconnected because we thought their visitors were aunts.

Against Pascal Cameron, Simon Tellisley, Matthew Pepper and Richardson Sefer, Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmirees did it again this evening, being crowned this year’s invention. He picked up Olivier for this year’s humorous web capsule or painting, which was determined by a public vote, and they were mesmerized by the painting. Mom writes.

This 49-second video, in which he sings about text exchanges with his mother, has been viewed nearly two million times on YouTube.

Olive tree of the year for Mariana Massa

Best Picks for Mariana Mவியrzvi ஆண்டs, who beat Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmரைrice, Rita Baga, Pascal Cameron, Matthew Duffer, Catherine Lewack, Christine Moranci, Franுவாois Moranci, Arnaud Chloe, Rosalie, Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmerais. Wylancourt and The winner of this Queen category last year was Sam Breton. This is the second time Mariana Massa has won this prestigious award.

Mariana Massa has already won the 2017 Olivier Award for Best Actress with her debut show “Femme ta gueule”.

Photo: Pamplemousse media / Angélique Caron St-Pierre

Not coming to the gala because of the shows he does this time around, the comedian responded in a video posted on Facebook in which, with tears, he struggles to realize he has won. I’m shocked, I do not understand. I came back from Quebec a few hours ago and spent the week at shows. I have 24 hour shows in Laval and Montreal and would like to save myself, She explained.

I thought many good comedians were nominated [de remporter] It was less anyway. That’s where my name comes out […] whats going on?

Recipient of the Charles Fusezne 2 AwardAnd Year following

Kathy Gauthier, who came to present the award for this year’s comedy TV show, made its progress in the evening, especially after appearing on stage, in particularly good form. Between two sheets.

Another highlight of the gala: Melissa Bedard starrer sketch and shirtless Matthew Pepper begin a parody of the chrysophobia. The next afternoon at the next table. A funny discussion took place between Jean-Claude Gelinas, his character Regine de Terrepone and Mona de Grenoble, co-host of Drake Queen and Podcast. Between 2 Lips.

Charles Fusen won the Comedy Podcast Award for Screenplay of the Year for his podcast. The worst moments in history with Charles Beauchesne, Already last year was rewarded. Marilyn Gentron and Sam Zaire, for their part, received Olivier for this year’s comedy script without a script. Everyone hates each other.

Halfway through the evening, the Apprentice band won the trophy for the web series Appendices : After the break, Version 2.0 of their sketch series is back AppendicesBroadcast for nine seasons on Télé-Québec.

[Je veux surtout remercier] Those who said “thank you for coming back as a joke”. It was a little helpful for us to try to remove things from your mind during these epidemics.Actress and screenwriter Sonia Cordo speaks on behalf of the group.

Canadian athletes carry Canadian flags.

At the side table the stars are eating bruises

Martin Matt won 14And Oliver in career

His 14 was awarded to Martin MattAnd Life trophy at the Oliviers and his third this year Pretty inconveniences, Which stood out in the fiction series category. Graduated from the National School of Comedy in 1995 Won at 12And And 13And Cups a few weeks ago at the Industry Gala.

Towards the end of the evening, radio-Canadian presenter Jean-Sebastien Girard received honors for his column in the category of Comedy Radio Capsule or Painting of the Year. The name of a blowpipe – everything about gumAired on the show The evening is (still) young.

I dreamed I had to win that prize to hear “Jean Sébastien Girard, all about sperm”. Once my sperm is used for anything, Started with a joke when accepting the trophy. He also wanted to thank the fans for working on his first solo The evening is (still) youngIt will end in May after 10 years.

The comedian poses on the red carpet at the gala.

Martin Matt won the Olivier Award for Fiction of the Year for his co-authored “Les beaux malaises 2.0” with the Franசois Award.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Presentation of 23And Gala Les Olivier coincided with the arrival of spring and the recent relaxation of health measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Quebec. After all, in Radio-Canada’s Studio 42, in the presence of a specific audience, some remote action was taken at the venue of the gala.

Some of the paintings were pre-recorded, while others were submitted live. The gala was cut from certain genres such as bestseller or best comedy show due to the interruption of tours during epidemics.

Winners of the 2022 Olivier Awards:

Comedy number of the year

  • Compression stockingsAlexandre Bisaillon (Author and Author: Yan Bilodeau and Maryse Paradis)
  • Mental illnessesMaude Landry (Author: Maude Landry)
  • Public talk without PowerPointJean-Michel Martel (Author: Jean-Michel Martel)
  • VasectomySilvi Tourigny (Authors: Silvi Tourigny, Sébastien Ouellet, Marie-Hélène Lapierre and Phil Gendron)
  • nobody is herePierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais (author) : Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais)

Humorous web capsule or painting of the year

  • Amateur3Joe Gormier
  • ControversyAlexander Forest
  • Mom writesPierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais
  • Christmas at Carol – wellSylvie Durigni
  • Vox-Pop – Anti-vaccine and anti-vaccine passport demonstrationGuy Nantel

Humorous radio capsule or painting of the year

  • Smart devicesCorinne Code /Because you have to wake up
  • It bothers me!Simon Telesley /It goes to the post
  • Review Interview Fran பிரான்ois LegoldBilly Tellier /Comedians stand up
  • The name of a blowpipe – everything about gumJean-Sebastien Girard /The evening is (still) young
  • And grapesGuillaume Pineault /We all stand

Comedy TV Show of the Year

  • Titrop – Season 1Just for Laughs TV
  • Between two sheetsKOTV
  • Infoman – Season 21Part 3
  • Next Stand-Up – Season 2Just for Laughs TV
  • Roast War: The Great Duel – Season 3Comedy!

Comedy Fiction Series of the Year

  • Pretty inconveniences 2.0Encore TV
  • Discussion with my parents – Season 3A medium
  • Blue House – Season 1KOTV
  • Guys – Season 1A medium
  • King Street – Season 2Entourage TV

Comedy Web Series of the Year

  • Back links: Repeat after the breakKOTV
  • VoicemakersOur production company
  • Rosalie: MusicRosalie Wylancourt
  • Theodore No H – Season 2Part 3
  • Top Docs: Double Agent DoublesGoes

This year’s script-free comedy podcast

  • 3 beerYannick Belzil, Gabrielle Caron and Pierre-Luc Racine
  • Open torqueThomas Lewak and Stephanie Vandelock
  • Between the 2 lipsMona de Grenoble and Rainbow
  • Setup, campus, boxingLaurent Baquin
  • Everyone hates each otherMarilyn Gentron and Sam Zaire

Comedy podcast with this year’s script

  • Travel Academy of Bruno BlanchettBruno Blanchett
  • Do your research!Colin Boudrias, Mathieu Charlebois and Liane Décary-Chen
  • Francois Bellefeuille: 3.7 PlanetsFrancois Bellefeuille
  • Charles Beauchesne – The worst moments in history with Season 3Charles Beauchesne
  • Sportnographer, podcastOlivier Niquet, Jean-Philippe Pleau and Jean-Philippe Wauthier

Discovery of the Year

  • Pascal Cameron
  • Simon Telesley
  • Matthew Pepper
  • Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais
  • Richardson Sefer

Olive tree of the year

  • Rita Baga
  • Sam Breton
  • Matthew Dufour
  • Catherine Lewak
  • Mariana Massa
  • Christine Moranci
  • Franோois Moranci
  • Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais
  • Arnaud Chloe
  • Rosalie Wylancourt
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