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The pop world is currently revolving around Harry style. Between his headline presence at Coachella this spring, his increasingly film roles, his light as a rock icon in production and his new album, Harry’s houseThe Messiah is expected to return, and he is one of the most famous artists of today.

Released at 6:00 p.m.

Marisa Groguhe

Marisa Groguhe

The beginning of the course

Photo by Christy Goodwin, provided by Tristar Images

Inactive One Direction members: Harry Styles, Louise Tomlinson, Jane Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne

First a little background, to better understand the path that took place. Now 28, Style was just 16 when he came to the UK singing competition. X factor. A young man from a city in the Midwest England was taken in a group with four young men to continue the adventure. X-factor : Thus a direction was born. Quintet finished the match on the third step of the stage. For the next five years, he Boy band One of the most loved (especially young) bands in the history of music in the world. In 2016, a diversion split. This is the first day of Harry Styles’ remaining life that he will soon become more popular than the group that saw him born.

To prove itself

Photo by Helene Bamroon, from the artist’s Facebook page

Harry Styles, “Rock Star of the 21st CenturyAnd Century “

The Rolling Stone Describes him as the 21st Rock StarAnd Century “. Stevie Knicks considers him” the son he did not have, but especially the successor to Mick Fleetwood and his music. After One Direction everything may have stopped for Harry Style, but instead the path he took took him to greater heights. In 2017, his first On the same solo album, we met this artist whom we can see in the group, but his colors were better shown here.If his ex-friends had tried different musical styles, Styles would have landed on rock & roll.A rock with pop music, of course, but a solid rock. He has not yet persuaded everyone, the effort will be careful, he will say it himself, he did not dare to make a “fun” album, he was immersed in a deep desire to show what he could do. Elegant lineIn 2019, the pop star finally emerges from his nest.

Harry Styles style

BHG photo, from the artist’s Facebook page

Harry Styles has become a fashion icon.

Elegant line “Full of personality and charm”, is the title of the special issue NME In its release. Pitchfork The junk tributes on the record prevent the listener from fully understanding what kind of songwriter Harry Styles really is. For that Rolling Stone, On the other hand, proves that he is “the god of the rock” by this second disc. The magazine lays Elegant line At 491And His place in the list of 500 best albums of all time. All eyes are on Harry Styles. The music is on one side, but so is the film on the other. In both cases, the style itself is more and more assertive, set as a reference figure. A year before the album’s release, he became Gucci’s face. On the red carpet of the 2019 Med Gala, she has a sheer top and Gucci lace, a pearl in her ear, an androgenic look. On tour, his stage wear is always very active. On the cover of the magazine Practical (He was the first man to appear alone in one), in 2020, he wears a dress and nail polish. Harry Styles found nothing, others have done it before him, first in the choir community. But the singer is seen by all and appreciated by many. Her appearance is encouraging, upsetting some of the symbols Important. To QG, He is one of the best dressed musicians in the world. Over the years, Harry Styles has become a fashion icon.

Even the actor

Photo from IMDB

Harry Styles as Alex DunkirkBy Christopher Nolan

In 2017, after the release of his debut album, Harry Styles appeared in the film Dunkirk, By Christopher Nolan. His first steps on the big screen are noticeable, though he only played the second role. This is the beginning of an acting career that will take a big turn this year as he co-stars with Florence Buck in his first lead role in the film. Dont Worry Darling, Directed by Olivia Wilde. He will also be seen in the fall in the lead role of the play My cop, By Michael Grantage. In 2021, he appeared in the post-Marvel movie Credit Scene, Eternities, Hinting at a major role to come in history. Harry Styles is everywhere: rock star, fashion muse and occasional actor.

Harry’s house

Image courtesy of Columbia Records

Album cover Harry’s house

Harry Styles’ comeback sounded at the song’s release last April As it were.

Transformation, loneliness, depression, all of which he speaks of in a dance synth-pop reminiscent of the 1980s. Regarding this new record, he explained in an interview. Best Homes & Gardens, Which refers to themes such as belonging, peace and finding a home, which is not a physical space, but an interior. Like many, Style has plenty of time to ask a ton of existential questions during epidemics. He never really retired after those popular auditions X factorHe finally stopped. Harry’s house Arises from this moment of rest and reflection. “I think everyone enjoyed a great moment of introspection, navel gazing, and I think there’s nothing more than looking at the navel than creating an album,” he says. If Harry Styles maintains this tendency to be inspired and revered by his idols in his music, this time he allows himself to be more involved in his work. The creative gets liberated. For the first time, he did not release an album, fearing it would not be a commercial success. This is what will ensure its success.

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