June 7, 2023


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Happy Father's Day!  |  The Journal of Montreal

Happy Father’s Day! | The Journal of Montreal

On this Father’s Day, artists and politicians return to the networks to celebrate their father, their wife, and their friend.

Francois Legalt

“Happy Father’s Day! Here I am, closed my eyes, mine is gone very soon,” the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter.

Damien Robitail

The artist, who has accustomed the Kupers to his best song covers since the outbreak, went there with the piece description. Handle with care, A member of the Traveling Wilburis group to pay tribute to his father.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

“We wish all fathers and grandfathers around the world a happy Father’s Day,” Prince William and Kate Middleton wrote on Instagram, with a photo of Lord Cambridge surrounded by his three children.

Pascal Prob

“Happy Father’s Day! I’m not, but today, like every day, I have a wish of mine that I do not have now. I’m privileged to have him as a father. Its influence is important throughout my life,” the PQ MP for Matane-Matapedia wrote on Twitter.

Leah Streliski

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Happy Father’s Day to all those who stand up, give, give and take, engage, nurture, laugh, listen, organize, play, and say, ‘No, I do not want you!’ ‘: We love you. Comedian Leah Streliski tweeted.

Justin Trudeau

“I can not be proud of or love these three. (Yes, I’m taller than Xav … for now.) To all dads: I hope you spend time with your loved ones today too. Happy Father’s Day!” The Prime Minister of Canada wrote on his Instagram post with photos of his three children.

Mary-Solil Dion

“I love you to Infinity,” the actress wrote in an Instagram post paying tribute to her father and her boyfriend.

Stephanie Powell

The singer-songwriter and writer wrote a note on Instagram for her boyfriend and her brother-in-law.

Louis Lotters

The actress has shared a photo on Facebook showing her being very young with her father.