Halo Infinite with cat ears on helmet $10.  Players ask "What will this happen?"

Cat ears have recently been added to Halo Infinite so players can attach them to their helmet. The recipients did not like this idea.

Halo Infinite has been warmly welcomed by players as well reviewers. Both groups enjoyed the game in the latest version of Microsoft FPS, although the network was full of negative opinions about it. story campaign.

343 Industries is expanding the game with new modes, but the developers do not forget about the new content that touches on cosmetic elements. Recently, an accessory in the form of cat ears attached to the SPARTAN helmet was added to the network unit. There will be nothing wrong with it, if they do not cost the same amount of 1000 points – that is, 10 dollars (more than 40 zlotys), that is, translated into ordinary money.

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It may seem that players are losing sight of the topic – after all, cosmetic things do not affect the gameplay. However, for some people, something happened when they saw enemies or allies flying around the arenas with said cat ears asking questions – on forums or Twitter – what is it all about?

It is easy to notice that the recipients did not like the idea of ​​​​343 Industries, which, in their opinion, did not quite fit into the climate and world presented by the creators. And what infuriates them most, there are people who are able to pay for it – converting it into Polish currency – about 50 zlotys.

Hello community, we need to talk.

So you hate cat ears…a large group of people will love them. I will enjoy beating opponents who wear this accessory as well as other people who break my skin in esports.

What should you be angry about? At $10 for a cat ear.

Source: https://www.purexbox.com/news/2021/12/cat-ears-have-some-players-worried-about-the-future-of-halo-infinite

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