Halo Infinite - Paid free beta multiplayer mode.  on Steam
November 15, 2021, 20:11

Halo Infinite Free Multiplayer Beta Available Now?? Also on Steam. His progress will be carried over to the full game.

direct surprise from transition Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand?? Open beta of free multiplayer mode infinite aura It is already AvailableAnd with it the first season, titled Heroes of Reach. Trial progress will be carried over to the full versionThe premiere is scheduled for December 8th. As of today, players can enjoy access to the Battle Pass and all the most important maps, modes, and functions academy, allowing you to hone your skills.

The trial version is available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles, as well as on PC (about 20-25 GB to download, depending on the platform). It is worth adding that you can also turn it on by steam. Soon, among other things, for mobile devices with the Xbox Cloud game streaming service. Moreover, the same multiplayer mode Hello stay Free After the premiere in December.

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