Halo Infinite looks great.  The gameplay from the campaign showcases the new story of Master Chief

In a month, fans of the Halo series will learn about the latest production from 343 Industries. Early reporters got access to the game, so we can check what the next parts of the Halo Infinite campaign will look like. The title will move to Xbox Game Pass in a few weeks.

343 Industries discovers upcoming production cards in 2021 exclusively for Xbox and PC. Halo Infinite launches early next month, so today we can check out what the start of the adventure looks like.

Here you will see previously unrevealed materials – during the game, the Master Chief likes to use the rope, thanks to which he knocks shields from the hands of his opponents. It must also be admitted that the title looks really good, which will surely delight players who have long been waiting for the opportunity to learn the next story of the Master Chief.

Halo Infinite is coming to two generations of consoles and PCs, but I’m sure fans of this series won’t complain. I had the opportunity to get the latest impressions and the shooter from 343 Industries received very positive reviews – there are many who say it will be the strongest push in many years, the quality of which is equal to the first part of the series .

I encourage you to check out the screenshots where you will see new hero abilities and new games.

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