June 3, 2023


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Halle Berry Storm en X-men

Halle Berry imposes a condition on her return to the X-Men

Actress Halle Berry starred in the X-Men movies Storm and wanted to return to the role at Marvel Studios.

In a recent interview, while promoting his new film Injury (injury) From Netflix, Actress Halle Berry As would like to come back Storm To X-Men But it is clear that history must live accordingly.

“I’ll definitely go back to the X-Men. He’s a favorite character. I loved playing Storm. People love Storm.

So yes Marvel Studios Provides you with a standard return option that you know you can count on Halle Berry For an epic comeback. As they decide, we can see his debut as a director Injury (injury), Which is about a former mixed martial arts fighter trying to regain his job and his son’s custody.

But … is his return part of Marvel Studios’ plans?

From Disney I bought Fox, Mutants already belonging Marvel Studios. But for now they take it easy to reintroduce. Everything else is said to be going to restart Deadpool. But there are many rumors that we need to see Professor X (Patrick Stewart) Oh Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) On Dr. Wonder2 Thanks for the diversity. So see you again Halle Berry It is possible and for others too X-Men Original, even though it was a small cameo.

However, the safest thing is that they start all over again X-Men And as he was speculated that he might act, he put on another actress Black Panther: Waganda Forever (2022), which will be very exciting.

But let’s wait now to find out what plans Marvel Studios has with the Mutants. We can watch at least all the movies X-Men Where it appears Halle Berry What Storm On Disney Plus streaming site.

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