Hackers from Russia (Kilnet) attacked hospitals in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  Revenge to help Ukraine

Computer security services in the Netherlands have reported that a number of hospital websites have been attacked by Russian hackers from the Killnet group.

Putin ordered the signing of a military agreement with Belarus. Its content is not provided

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin instructed the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to sign an agreement with Belarus, …

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This includes the largest hospital in the Netherlands in Groningen. The reason is the support from the Netherlands UkraineFighting Russian aggression, services have determined.

Similar attacks have been carried out on hospital websites in Germany and the United Kingdom, among others. Last week, as a result of cyberattacks, some websites of German airports, public administration and financial institutions stopped showing. The same Russian hacking group is a suspect of the hack.

DDoS attack

The cyber attacks carried out the so-called DDoS attacks. Websites were being accessed by too many computers at the same time, which meant that the system was unable to respond to all requests at once and the site was no longer visible on the network.

Similar attacks were carried out by the Killnet group on European Parliament servers in November, shortly after the European Parliament passed a resolution naming Russia as a state sponsor. terrorism.


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