Guinea.  The first case of Marburg virus.  Who: We have to stop him |  world News

virus Marburg, they belong to the same family as the caller EbolaIt was discovered less than two months later Guinea Announce the end Epidemic Ebola, which has been going on since the beginning of this year.

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The government will allow mixing of COVID-19 vaccines

Guinea. The man who contracted the Marburg virus died

According to information provided by the World Health Organization (WHO)Who is the), Marburg is more likely to turn into humans than fruit bats. Instead, it spreads through direct contact with the body fluids of infected people.

The station reported the first case of Marburg virus in Guinea BBC. It was identified in the town of Guéckédou, in the same area where the latest cases were detected. Ebol ± during the last epidemic. Services are currently looking for people who may have been in contact with an infected man. Shortly after the clinic was informed of the symptoms of the disease, the patient died.

The death of a 34-year-old girl from Lubin village. The left wing wants to stop the police chief

virus Marburg, like Ebola, has the potential to spread widely. “This means we have to stop it,” said Dr. Machidiso Moeti, regional director Who is the On Africa.

Marburg virus – symptoms

Marburg disease occurs suddenly. At first, the patient feels a high fever, severe headache and malaise. After a few days, internal bleeding, maculopapular rash, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea also appear. The death rate ranges from 24 percent to 88 percent depending on the strain of the virus.

Katowice, May.  Mickiewicz.  Candles at the place where 19-year-old Basya diedKatowice. The tragic death of Barbara S. The 19-year-old ‘there was no escape’

father Once The first Marburg virus was identified in 1967 in Marburg and Frankfurt in Germany and in Belgrade, Serbia. However, there are no known vaccines or treatments for the infection yet. The only treatment that is used is augmentative therapy, such as rehydration with oral or intravenous fluids, or combating certain symptoms. Marburg virus outbreaks have been reported in recent years in Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda. Who is the.

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