Apparently, the idea to shoot a part of Christmas was born in the sequel Guardians of the Galaxy In 2016. bump into it James GunnBut it was considered a joke. However, the seed fell on fertile ground – namely Kevin Feige’s imagination – on which it germinated for quite some time. And now he’s coming back to us as a special project from the MCU universe. This is nothing new. After all, this year it was presented in a similar way Werewolf in the night Directed by Michael Giacin.

Life is slowly returning to normal on a planet liberated by the Guardians. This does not mean that our heroes have come to terms with the situation after defeating Thanos. run out (Chris Pratt) is devastated by the death of Gamora (Zoe Saldana). The team, in order to free their friend from despair, decided to introduce the Christmas mood. Kraglin (Sean Gunn) even suggests it’s Peter’s favorite holiday, even though he hasn’t had a chance to celebrate it in years. The problem is that no one really knows the holidays. Plus find the best gift in the world to bring a smile to Star-Lord’s face. For this purpose, Praying Mantis (Pom Klementieff) and Drax (Dave Bautista) go to the floor.

I won’t feed you, this production is far from two full parts. You can see that everything was built on one joke, i.e. Kevin Bacon. That’s not to say that this 44-minute movie won’t leave some small marks on the MCU. James here crammed in a few things that will likely be expanded on in the third installment. I’m talking specifically about what Star Lord and Mantis have in common. But this will be enough for the rest to lose jokes and wink at the viewer.

The guards themselves – Nebula, Rocket, Groot and Peter – are few here. Instead, the story focuses on Mantis and Drax’s journey to discover what vacations are and what they are really about. The rest is extras.

In my opinion, bringing Kevin Bacon into this world as he is is such a great idea as showing David Hasselhoff as…David Hasselhoff in the previous installment. Simple process but very fun. Plus, the actor has a great time when he introduces an alternate version of himself. He is the undisputed star of this Christmas production. Gunn also decided to use the star’s musical talent the free one. It seems to me that fans of the soundtrack were made by the director (both from galaxy Guardians, as well as who suicide squad if peace maker) They will be happy. Another playlist worth listening to on Spotify.

Visually, this short film doesn’t put you down. The emphasis was on simplicity, without frills and excessive use of special effects. As I understand it, the director was given a minimum budget for this production and did everything he could. Fortunately, he decided to have fun. All of the flashback scenes are rendered as ’80s-style animation, so he didn’t have to search for an actor to play teenage Pete. As I understand it, the MCU still has time for that.

Movie Guardians of the Galaxy: It’s Christmas Gives you some Christmas cheer and causes a few bursts of laughter. It might not be the level Gunn we’re used to, but it was nice to see the Guardians in another entourage for a while. After all, they don’t have to desperately save the galaxy. Oh, and it’s also a light introduction to a slightly different set of Guardians. The Quill space family is growing, which is only increasing my appetite for the third installment coming next year.

Guardians of the Galaxy: It’s Christmas

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