GTA 6 does not easily surpass the graphics of GTA 5 with this mod;  Great trailer and NVE beta
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August 20 2022 at 11:34 am

The long-awaited modification of NaturalVision Evolved was released, a project that greatly beautifies GTA 5.

We finally have the premiere of the long-awaited mode NaturalVision Sophisticated lowest Grand Theft Auto V. It is the successor to the project that has been published for several years NaturalVision Remasteredwhich is still one of the most popular graphics optimization mods from the popular studio Rockstar Games.

The premiere of the mod was accompanied by an impressive trailer showing off its attractions, which you can watch below.

  1. NaturalVision Evolved – Download mod from our FTP (The authors have given us permission to host Mirrors for their projects)
  2. Editing official website

The goal of the project is to make drawings GTA 5 More realistic. The model completely reconfigures weather and lighting systems, changes colors, improves color grading and introduces many new textures and models. The authors’ goal is to make the game as similar to real California as possible. To achieve this, extensive research was conducted in the Los Angeles (Los Santos) and Salton Sea (Sandy Shores) areas, using hundreds of photos and hours of video footage.

Compared to the previous incarnation of the situation NaturalVision Sophisticated Shows, among other things, the most beautiful roads and sidewalks that look more “three-dimensional”. The design also completely refreshes all the plants in the game. The interior design of the buildings that can be seen through the windows has also been improved. We also get more advanced lighting effects and volumetric clouds. In addition, many of the banners on the map are now animated. The size of the changes is best illustrated by the size of the mod, which is more than 6 GB.

The first version of the mod, which has just been released, is a beta version, so not everything is set well yet. However, the mod already makes a great impression and is a suggestion that deserves the attention of every fan GTA 5. It is worth noting that it currently only officially works in single-player mode. Support for fan-style multiplayer mods five pm It is in “early access” form at the moment and the developers cannot guarantee its smooth operation.

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