January 28, 2023


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Greenland reveals to us the secret of Jupiter's moon

Greenland reveals to us the secret of Jupiter’s moon

It turns out that in the study of space worlds and Searching for the effects of life on them Our planet itself can be useful. Scientists have found a link between Greenland and the surface of Jupiter’s moon. Both places are frozen ground surrounded by ocean. The surface of Europa consists of a twelve-kilometre ice sheet, under which the ocean may be. There are giant mounds in the ice. It is 300 meters high and 800 meters in diameter.

Identical formations have been discovered in northwest Greenland as part of a research programme NASA IceBridge. “In Greenland, this double rim is forming where water from surface lakes and streams often drains into depressions and freezes again,” said doctoral student Riley Culberg of Stanford University. This phenomenon may allow us to unravel the mysteries surrounding the surface of Jupiter’s moon.

The latest research on this topic is featured on the pages Connecting with nature. Scientists suggest that as well as on the surface of Europe There are double edges, we can expect that they were generated by water coming from the subsurface ocean. This in turn means the ocean Some life forms may flourish. Interestingly, NASA recently announced that oxygen has been detected in Europe.

There are fissures and fissures in the area called Chaos terrains. Astronomers have noticed that the ice crust is partially melting there. This results in a brine that then mixes with a tiny amount of oxygen on the surface. This mixture flows deep into the ocean and can feed Life forms are unknown to us.

Scientists are almost certain that there are hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor, from which warm water can melt the ice sheet in some places. This is how bumps on the surface are supposed to form. Meanwhile, in hydrothermal chimneys Simple life forms can function normally.

Europe is like our planet billions of years ago. Thanks to the moon of Jupiter, we can not only discover the history of our planet and the formation of the first living things on it, but also Greenland itself can give us answers about Europe itself.

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