March 24, 2023


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Green terrorists turned into aggressive zombies

Green terrorists turned into aggressive zombies

It is the new fashion in Europe. Radical environmentalists, in a war against oil exploitation, have stormed into museums and attacked the most famous paintings, usually by throwing soup at them and sticking their fingers in their heads or hands.

For now, they attack the paintings “protected” by the glass.


But sooner or later, a vigilante green commando made up of ferocious fighters with maddened eyes will attack a painting. To protect them, museums make access to works more difficult. Common people will pay the price.

Many praise them. For my part, I see aggressive zombies in these young extremists.

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We are faced with unbalanced people who no longer live in reality, but in their own imaginations. Let’s take a look at one form of paranormal decline. Their relationship with the world is completely destroyed by apocalyptic environmentalism, which leads to a morbid “eco-anxiety”, anti-Western self-loathing, which leads to uprooting, an unhealthy desire for social networks to perpetuate the self in perpetuity. A collapse of all criteria that allowed young men and women to become part of the world.

Henceforth, they desire to destroy it, with a nihilistic fury, hoping to save it, which is even more tragic.


For whoever attacks the beauty of the world attacks what belongs to man and what is sacred in him.

These hateful nihilists will attack the people tomorrow. They do not deserve our respect. Those who admire them demean themselves.

Anyone who spits on Van Gogh or Vermeer is acting like a hateful vandal with a diseased brain.

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Adults should be called for help. Is there anything else on board?