Great party in Poland.  "We will not let the national anthem of Russia sing here."

– I cannot imagine that Russians and Belarusians play in the European Games. Quoting Minister Kamel Bortenzouk, they have no place in the world of sport – says WP SportoweFakty, President of Olympic Games 2023, Marcin Nowak.

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Marcin Nowak

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In terms of logistics, the Games will be Poland’s largest sporting event since Euro 2012. Less than a year before the competition begins (it will run from June 21 to July 2, 2023), we asked the organizers what about the performance from athletes from Belarus and Russia. The European Olympic Committees have not yet excluded these federations from their structures.

Company “No” to Belarus and Russia

Because of Russia’s attack on Ukraine and Belarus’ support for Vladimir Putin’s actions, Marcin Novak, president of the European Games 2023 company, cannot imagine that players from the aggressor countries will fight for medals.

Russia and Belarus are now full members of the European Olympic Committees. However, citing the Minister of Sports and Tourism, Mr. Kamil Bortnizok, there is currently no place in the sports world for the aforementioned federations. In most majors, they are not eligible to qualify for our event. I can not imagine the appearance of Russians and Belarusians here. We will not allow the Russian anthem to be released at the Olympics, said IE2023 President, Marcin Nowak.

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Politics is also present in the world of sports, it is made by the International Olympic Committee, and other organizations follow. At the moment, Russia and Belarus are excluded from the Olympic events. I am convinced that the EOC, the owner of the European gaming brand, will make a similar decision next spring. This is what the preliminary results show. I do not suppose that there will be any possibility for Russians and Belarusians to perform this event. We do not have this law yet, but we speak with one voice – the activist confirms.

“It will not be necessary for us to negotiate.”

The decision is primarily up to the aforementioned Association of European Olympic Committees (EOC). Nowak assures, however, that Poland will not be passive in this matter.

– At this point, all arrangements are made between the EOC and us as the executive body of the Marshal, the President, the government party or the Polish Olympic Committee. We have influence over who comes to the party. Hypothetically, if Russia and Belarus can come forward with the decision of the Olympic Committee, we will sit down with representatives of the European Olympic Committees to negotiate and come up with a different scenario. However, it will not be superfluous, because we play with one goal – concludes the President of the European Games 2023.

There is no doubt in the company that the event will be a success. – We want to show that Poland is a safe country, despite the fact that missiles are falling hundreds of kilometers from us. I am convinced that people who are going to the European Games in Krakow and Maupolska will go home and say: You have to go back to Poland with the whole family, because it’s a great place – says the press spokesperson for the event, David Gleo.

During the Games, athletes will compete in 25 disciplines. This includes athletics, open water swimming, 3×3 basketball, rowing, fencing, judo, summer ski jumping and mountain running.

Dariusz Faron, Pawe Figurski journalists from Wirtualna Polska

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