Great party for young people: SQ watches, Gilbold promises

Saureté du Québec “closely follows” the keeping of hundreds of young guests at the Marquee of Lanouteri in Saint-Calixte, where Public Safety Minister Geneva Gilbold assures that health rules are not respected.

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“The information we have is that there were at least one organization on the site, security guards, persons who ensure compliance with the instructions, and in case of problems,” he told a news conference in Quebec on Monday.

Journal of Montreal Announcing that it had held these meetings of hundreds of young people on Monday, its promoter, Steve Maylet, a well-known businessman in the region, compared health officials to the “mafia”.

On Twitter, Liberal MP Gotton Barrett also mocked the advertiser’s good friend, former caquist Louis-Charles Toine. The now-independent has already approached ministers Pierre Fitzgerald and Carolyn Brules and donated $ 17,000 to Steve Mailet’s 45 Degrees Nort Company.

In total, the three grants of $ 15 and $ 15,500 will finally reach Mr. between 2019 and 2020. Presented to Maillet, which provoked a outcry in Quebec.

“We want to know what Louis-Charles Duane, the deputy and boyfriend of the organizer of these parties, thinks.

When asked about this on Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Geneva Gilbold said he would like to “set aside his views” as details of the actions taken by his colleagues in the Cabinet were not known.

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