Great interest in abandoned cars.  Among them are real “gems”.

This time, 41 cars were put up for sale. These included Mercedes, Jaguar, and Saabs, as well as raisins like the Ford Probe or Ford Sierra, models that are almost no longer on the road. And although – as ZDM Warszawa wrote – “it was a wreck”, there were as many as 311 valid bids for the 37 vehicles on display (315 in total).

Only in the case of three cars were there no interested parties, while in one case the potential buyer offered a price lower than the initial price.

The most popular car was the 10-year-old Mazda 6, with 44 exhibitors interested. It was also the car that received the highest bid – 34,077 PLN. An expensive “wreck”.

The Toyota RAV4 has a slightly lower price tag, but it’s still high. The winning bid – also from more than forty submitted bids – amounts to PLN 23,601. Very high offers were also made for, among others: Renault Master delivery van (PLN 10,593) and Jaguar XF (PLN 10,500).

If all 37 cars sold at the auction went to new owners, the city would receive approximately PLN 216,000. Zloty.

ZDM treats its abandoned car auctions as street clean-ups, but many of these vehicles can get a second life and get back on the roads. By the way, Warsaw makes good money from this. In six previous tenders, 189 cars were sold, and city coffers received PLN 1.4 million. It is worth noting that until 2021 the cars have been cancelled.

If someone has just towed their car and is afraid that they will soon see it among the cars for sale, there is no need to worry. Vehicles were removed only in accordance with Art. 50A Road Traffic Law:

Under the above regulations, the city has the right to tow cars that do not have license plates or whose condition indicates that they have not been used for a long time – for example, air coming out of the wheels and plants growing in the car. Cars assembled in this way do not go under the hammer right away. The owner or authorized person has 6 months to collect it. Only after this time, by law, do these vehicles become the property of the city and only then can they be sold.

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