Grandma Wolaska from the movie “Kogel-Mogel” had a hard life.  Her husband attempted suicide several times

Małgorzata Lorentowicz has played elegant ladies for years. She gained the sympathy of the viewers thanks to her role Wolańska’s grandmother in cult comedy “Kogel mogel”. Few people know that before becoming an actress, she led a group of liaison officers during the Warsaw Uprising. Despite her professional successes, her private life was filled with tears and grief.

She fought in the Warsaw Uprising. During the war, I faced death many times

At the outbreak of World War II in 1942, Majorzata Lorentovich was only 15 years old. The girl took the pseudonym “Duda” and joined the ranks of the Homeland Army as a nurse, liaison officer. Two years later, she fought against the occupier during the Warsaw Uprising. During the war, she carried messages and provided assistance to rebels and civilians.

At the end of September 1944, Lorentowicz, together with Stanislav Warzycki “Zumski” and priest Józef Stanek “Rudy” were detained by an SS man at Solek Street 53. A German soldier lined the Poles up against the wall of the building. “Szumski” was killed with a machine gun, and Father Stanek was tortured, after which he was hanged for his robbery. Years later, the actress mentioned how she managed to avoid execution.

He told me to raise my hand, but I did not raise my hand, saying that I had nothing in my pocket. (…]He noticed that I had a golden cross around my neck. He wanted to take it and looked at me at the same time. Then, without saying a word, he turned away and I walked step by step into the group of civilians.

I remembered an actress. After this event, Lorentowicz, along with several other civilians, ended up in a transit camp in Pruszków. For her merits during World War II, she was awarded, among others, the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta.

Great love and disease. The relationship with Tadeusz Janczar cost her many sacrifices

After the war, Małgorzata Lorentowicz began her studies at the Warsaw Theater School and forever became involved in the acting community. Her first marriage, to director and screenwriter Lech Lorentowicz, did not stand the test of time. The actress’s true love was Tadeusz Janczar, whom she met during rehearsals for the play “Don Cesar de Bazan” at the Warsaw Young Theater. The couple married by proxy two years later. Together they raised their son Janczar, who was the fruit of the actor’s relationship with his first wife.

Unfortunately, the trees did not last long. In the 1960s, Tadeusz Canczar was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which completely changed the family’s life. – One day he woke up and said that it was really someone else, – she said in an interview with the weekly “Live”. Due to his illness, Janczar suffered from insomnia and anxiety. The actor attempted suicide four times, forcing Lorentovich to constantly take care of her husband. However, it continued to appear in Movies And Series The greatest Polish artists.

In 1997, Tadeusz Janczar passed away after battling cancer. Małgorzata Lorentowicz died 7 years later, living to the age of 78. The couple is buried in a common grave at Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw.

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“Kogel Mogel” is a kind of cult film. Why do people love him so much? For these quotes!

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