Grand Final in Indian Wells.  Touching story of the Spanish hero

The Indian Wells Tennis Garden is fortunate enough to have some interesting women’s title matches. Three of the last four issues ended with a solid coin of three hundred coins. In 2019 (in the 2020 season, the event was not played) Bianca Andreescu beat Angelique Kerber, and in 2017, in an exciting match between Russians, Yelena Wesnin, Svetlana Kuznetsova. Now the big show was performed by Badosa and Azarenka. There were a lot of roles in it, in the decisive set a few times closer to success the most experienced Azarenka seemed, but in the end it was the Spaniard, who was severely punished by the virus and health this year, who turned out to be the most. effective in casting. Or otherwise – in this match full of waves and tides, it was “the waters happily washed ashore.”

Laser projectiles on both sides

The first set, which lasted about 80 minutes, suggested that nothing would be easy and simple in this match. The reward for the winner, amounting to more than 1.2 million dollars, made both tennis players fight with the same commitment as in the Grand Slam tournaments. When Padusa won in the tiebreak, Azarenka immediately responded in the second half and led to a tie. The third also follows a great script. The New York-born Spaniard leads 2-0, but at the moment of a tie. Laser projectiles on both sides, forward and backward hitting the lines, playing “against the legs” and many other solutions that made fans clap again and again. At 4:4, the Belarusian woman – apparently – had a decisive break. In the next game, when I served her and she was leading 30-0, and two balls separated her for the victory, she had a relatively simple forehand to finish her off. However, I put it in the net, and from that moment everything turned around.

The momentum was already with its rival. Wika managed to equalize, but in the second match to break the tie, Badosa already ruled. She was the last speaker of the day, thanking her competitor, sponsors and tournament director Tommy Haas, as well as family, friends, Spain and finally the world.

Thanks for the inspiration

When I was 14 or 15, I watched your performances at Grand Slam tournaments. At the time, I was telling the coach that I would like to play like you one day. You’ve been such an inspiration to me, thank you I’m here – said the winner, I touched, congratulations to Azarence and her team. Victoria didn’t look sad, either. She said her son would have a smaller cup at home to play, but he would be happy anyway. After the meeting, he said goodbye to the tennis players and immediately began to wonder what to do next. Badosa still has a chance at masters.

Perhaps she was sure of this place if this year did not start her with great luck in Australia. She was diagnosed with coronavirus and found there on a so-called severe quarantine and they were locked in the room. In the video below, you can see what it looked like when you trained helplessly to play on the windshield and couldn’t get to fresh air for two weeks.

The start of the season was not successful for her, at the Australian Open she was eliminated in the first round, all the way to Miami, where she scratched, not picking up the right beat, but then began to play from the musical notes. In Charleston, she defeated Ashleigh Barty, did a great job on the ground, reaching the semi-finals in Madrid and the quarter-finals at Roland Garros. Subsequently, she had a negative impact on the Poles – at Wimbledon she won with Magda Lynet, at the Olympic Games in Tokyo with Ija Schwietok. The way Raczynski hugged her after her win tells us a lot about her character. There was, first of all, a good man, not a professional, thirsty for blood and victory at any cost. There were feelings. She can be compared to Maria Sharapova in terms of body shape and a bit of play style, but when it comes to soul, she is a completely different person.

The class with whom she left the meeting spoke a lot about her character. A character we also saw in Indian Wells. Fighting, playing at full speed, but also appreciating what happened on the other side of the net. Such photos are really unforgettable. And after a while in Japan she fainted and was taken from the stadium in a wheelchair during the match against Marka Vondrosova in the sweltering heat, not only her compatriots were with her.

The first from Spain

Padusa is now the first Spanish champion in Indian Wells. Neither Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario nor Conchita Martinez nor Garbine Muguruza have done this in the past. Paola started the season at 70th place in the standings, and as of today she will be the 11th rocket in the world. She became the Queen of Indian Wells in big and influential style. Especially considering what she’s been through this year. It is unlikely that it will disappear from the opening credits. He is constantly building his site. Step by Step.

Azarnes is also commendable. She may have become the first-ever singles champion three times, but even though she didn’t win the title, she noted that at 32 she was still setting ambitious goals. And having put your personal life in order, you can still be a threat to the better. Who would have guessed when she started her brilliant career at Wimbledon 2006 with Agnieszka Radwańska, then lost to Isia in two sets, and today she fights with the next generation.


Indian wells. WTA 1000 Championship (total prizes $8.4 million).


Paula Padusa (Spain, 21) – Victoria Azarenka (Belarus, 27) 7:6 (5), 2:6, 7:6 (2) in 3 hours. and 5 minutes

Watch the ultimate Bados shortcut – Azarenka:

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