Gran Turismo 7 on the following article.  The game will feature a Scapes mode

Polyphony Digital continues to promote exclusive races destined for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Gran Turismo 7 has received another trailer, this time with a focus on Scapes mode – the option to develop beautiful visuals has already appeared in Gran Turismo Sport.

Kazunori Yamauchi brings to the community the next element of Gran Turismo 7. The production will include a Scapes mode, which allows players to develop realistic images – in this case, we not only choose the right vehicle, but also have the opportunity to choose the background and even use our skills to take care of a unique composition or authentic lighting.

The Japanese do not hide that they really like this feature, which dates back to Gran Turismo 7 and some players may spend many hours pampering individual frames.

Of course, this will not be the most important proposal from Gran Turismo 7, but it is good that the authors found time for such additional elements that can provide a lot of fun for fans.

It is worth noting that the developers recently They also mentioned personalizing the carsAnd PlayStation 5 exclusive features or vehicle count confirmation.

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