Graduates of Wroclaw High School received their diplomas.  What are they afraid of in the exam?  Math is still scary

High school graduates across Poland received their diplomas on Friday (28 April). The most important test in their lives is ahead of them. Students of the 17th secondary school in Wroclaw left the walls of their school in good spirits after four years of study. In conversations with the journalists of “Gazeta Wrocławska” they revealed what keeps them awake at night.


At XVII LO in Wroclaw, final preparations for final exams are taking place. The students received their certificates and received their last diplomas in their school life. The mood before graduation is positive.

– We are well prepared in all subjects. We repeat the knowledge from the beginning of this year and focus on our strengths. Of course, everyone has some concerns. Someone did not quite read the “dummy”, and someone forgot the formulas of abbreviated multiplication – says Pyotr, a graduate of this year’s High School No. XVII.

After the changes introduced by the Ministry of Education on March 15, this year high school graduates are required to pass the oral exam in Polish. Students will draw a set of tests, which will consist of two tasks. The first relates to compulsory reading, the second – to another cultural text.

Test takers prepare for a quarter-hour speech and then give a 10-minute presentation in the form of a monologue.

We understand that students can be stressed. For us, the past may be very distant, but we must remember that the class who are currently taking their final exams are people who had to work remotely for a year and in a sensitive period, immediately after joining our ranks – adds Ms. Iwankiewicz.

From student accounts, we know that the school has gone to great lengths to ensure that the coming days are not too stressful.

– We express our interest in the student and want him to be as prepared as possible for the selected subjects. The school’s mission is also to make him feel comfortable and safe. Not just during the exam itself. You can say that learning in high school is a complete four-year process that prepares you for that day – Małgorzata Iwankiewicz, director of Secondary School No. XVII in Wrocaw, tells “Gazeta Wrocławska”.

Therefore, extracurricular activities in the field of Matriculation and other subjects have been organized in high school. Students praise the school for its free approach to learning. You can also gain valuable knowledge about integration trips and cultural centres. As the principal of the 17th secondary school in Wroclaw says, there is still a lot of preparation in Generation Z.

Today’s high school students are a little different from the people who graduated from high school 10 years ago. Despite the ubiquitous social media and sometimes overwhelming opportunities, they are still sure of what they want to do in life. Sometimes it is not dictated by their own ambitions, but rather the direction set by their parents. We still see many passions and interests in her. They are also people who are capable and willing to acquire knowledge, – adds Ms. Ioannikiewicz.

In L.O. No. XVII, the administration does not place any obstacles if a student decides to change his course of education during the academic year.

– There are cases when high school students completely change their point of view and take a different path. We are free to change the profile from business language to sports language or from theater to geography. We had a drama student a few years ago. Last year, she decided to take the extended matriculation exam in mathematics and also coped with it perfectly – says Małgorzata Iwankiewicz.

From a short survey conducted outside the school, we learn that this year’s high school graduates are terrified of math and additions in all subjects. Some people spend their sleepless nights writing articles in Polish.

Math is always the biggest problem. It’s a lot of material and sometimes a lack of focus can lead to a bad job – says Bartek.

– I’m afraid of WOS, because often the simplest things go wrong. Last year’s tests asked for a lot of detail. No water poured – says Cuba.

– I’m more afraid of writing an article in Polish. Mainly because it is enough to make a so-called “fundamental error”, which means that the rest of the work is no longer checked or accounted for – says Ania in turn.

English Nobody is worried, but there are some people who are afraid of mathematics. I must admit that in two months I repeated mathematics more than in all four years, – says Julia.

The Polish language exam has been scheduled May 4 at 9:00. However, graduation from a foreign language will take place one day later Mathematics high school graduates will come Monday, May 8th.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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