Govt-19 dies at 27: His father asks young people to be vaccinated

After two weeks of intensive treatment, Kevin Smith-Charty’s father, who died of Govt-19 disease, thinks he would be alive if he had been vaccinated enough and his son refused to be treated at Saint-Jerome Hospital. .

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Kevin Smith-Chartre first enters the emergency room on September 3, his father, Mario Smith, says in an interview with Mario Dumont.

“It’s a cough, it’s like a fever, runny nose, cough,” he recalled. According to him, there is no sign that the disease will take him so soon.

The young man, who wanted to travel, received his first dose of the vaccine in mid-August, but contracted Govt-19 before the vaccine was effective. It’s too late.

Kevin was hospitalized for the first time on September 3, but was released a few days later.

“He told me: ”OK, I went out and I would heal myself at home. […] They did not let him out, and he signed a denial of treatment. He was not a hospital man, he wanted to get out of there, but if he stayed, I’m sure he would not be where he is today, ”says his father.

The young man returned home on Sept. 8 with medication. On the night of September 8-9, an inflammatory storm broke out and he was taken to the emergency room.

“The temperature was high and the lungs were no longer breathing. […] They infiltrated him and it doesn’t work anymore, ”laments his father.

Opposition to youth

Despite the pain, Mario Smith did not blame his son, but found that resistance to the vaccine was widespread among young people of the same age.

“I tell young people: ‘Get vaccinated, it’s really real.’ This can’t be taken lightly. […] Everything is young, it’s not just him … Young people of that age, do not want to know anything about the vaccine. […] There are so many things on social media that young people are not vaccinated. I know a lot! “Mario scolds Smith.

He hopes Kevin’s death can inform his friends about the importance of the vaccine and the real danger of Covit-19.

“Kevin, he’s a guy with a lot, a lot, a lot of friends. There are many who are not vaccinated [sa] Gang. If we gather 50% of his friends, much better. What happened there, I think they changed their minds when they saw Kevin suffering like that … “he concludes.

*** Watch his full interview in the video above. ***

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