Government funeral, not a show ...

There will be no political clashes this time. On May 12, 1982, in Perthville, 5,000 people were seen leaving the Church of John Villeneuve. With black hair and glassy eyes in pain, she clung to the hand of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

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Rene Lewesk came in behind in the creep-salt shoe.

A few months after the night of the long swords, the night of a constitutional betrayal was pushed down Quebec’s throat.

The great federal guard also granted the widow the right to go to Church Square. That photo went all over the world.

Fortunately, with the state funeral of Guy Laughlor, everyone involved in the preparation agrees that Guy Laughlor and his family are at the center of the ceremony.

Let us always remember that a funeral, even if it is a national event, is not a religious celebration but a funeral. Show To TV.

National funeral

Four parties are currently involved in the funeral arrangements. The funeral is hosted by the Quebec government. Needless to say, François Legault’s office and ethics experts are in constant contact with the office of France Margaret Bellanger, President of Groupe CH.

Since the state is a funeral procession, the government decides which police force the honorary guard should set up, the color of the flowers and the blue of the cards. And other similar protocol points.

Government experts look at the invitations for ministers, opposition leader Dominic Anglet and other politicians in attendance. The Governor-General, the Lieutenant Governor and other public and political figures are also within the purview of the government.

However, this was not an open obstacle for the political class and the Legault government. The Marie-Reine-du-Monde Basilica has 1,380 seats, and the Canadian will not take second place.

In other words, Juan Cornoyer, Flanell’s oldest captain, will not find himself in the tenth row.

Neither Gary Bedman nor the other big bosses of the National League. Former Canadians are already preparing for the funeral: “Everything will happen with cooperation. We must never forget the children and members of the Lise Lafleur and Lafleur family. They are consulted in all decisions, ”explains Margaret Pelanger of France.

We also expect the arrival of Lafleur’s former opponents, but no information is currently available on the matter.

Shia Weber may even be in the basilica. Then he would steal Show.

A religious ceremony

MMe Belanger, who lives 18-hour workdays, also underscores one thing we seem to have forgotten: “There is a fourth partner in production. Monsignor Christian Lépine and Deacon Benoit Thibault are doing a tremendous job of helping us. Funerals, even nationally, are a religious rite of passage that marks the departure of Guy Laughlin. Guy Laughlour We must remember that man and underline that his wife and his family are grieving from there. We want to respect this sanctity and religion, ”he said.

If the weather permits, giant screens will be installed in and around the square so that fans or citizens can participate in meditation and pay their last respects to the famed Blonde Demon.

This is not the first time for Canadians that Maurice Richard and Jean Belivo have qualified for the state funeral. But the wave of love for Guy Laughlor brings another dimension to the ceremony.

Because of this, we continue to try to remember that all funeral rites are essentially a religious rite. We want to avoid any slippage in 2022 as the media is everywhere and the trigger of a coup is always possible.

There are still issues to be resolved. Who will be invited to speak? We think of Martin Laughlor, who was his father’s right hand man for many years. Perhaps Prime Minister Franசois LeCold, a fan of Laughlin and a Canadian, will seize the opportunity.

As for the exit of the Basilica, Justin Trudeau, if he is called, should not repeat his father’s blow.

Celine Dion left the Notre Dame Basilica in the hands of her son Rene-Charles during Rene Angeli’s national funeral.

No doubt Martin and Mark will be coming with their mother.

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