June 6, 2023


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Google will read our news. He will tell us which ones are most important

As part of making life easier for users, Google is planning to add new features to the popular Messages app. In line with the assumptions, the application will show us the most important information in the messages received and indicate whether it is about private or corporate matters.

9to5Google Service Check the news that awaits users. Some of the news may sound as disturbing as the EU’s plan Check every content you submit. using algorithms, The app will show us messages that may be important – in their case, the user will see a suggestion to star them to make it easier to find them later.

The user will also receive a number of suggestions from messages, inferred from the content of the message. The app will automatically suggest information like dates and phone numbers that you may want to keep for later or use in your calendar by recording an event.


While messages have long shown quick responses to incoming messages, often surprising relevance and accuracy, based on the content of the message itself, the extent to which the message is analyzed in the future can cause users anxiety. What is more, Can’t be sure that Google won’t memorize some of it, considering it’s an ideal training material for machine learning algorithms.

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