Google Play: Free apps and games for a total value of about PLN 90!

Paid apps and games for free on Google Play

Google Play is full of promotions, including paid Android apps that are available for free for a limited time. Once you add it to your Google account, the app will be yours forever. This time, you can save almost 90 PLN in the Play Store. You can get all the apps described here without paying if you are in a hurry.

data defense

Regular price: PLN 16.99.000 zlotys Free download z Google Play

Data Defense is a simple and addictive type game tower defense. However, here we are not defending the physical tower, but rather the server in cyberspace. It is attacked by insects, malfunctions and viruses. At each level, the server has a different configuration and should be used to better defend against threats by installing appropriate security software.

The game does not contain ads and works in offline mode. There are 50 maps and 30 different server configurations here. You can continue the campaign or play in survival mode. The game is accompanied by 15 songs.

Darkland: Cube Escape Puzzle Platformer Adventure

Regular price: PLN 1.79.000 Free download z Google Play

Darkland is a platform indie and puzzle game with very simple controls. It is enough to touch the screen at the right moment to move forward. In total, there are more than 50 levels filled with traps and interesting mechanisms. Recently, the game also features a level editor, thanks to which everyone can create their own board and share it with other players.

Blue Light Filter Pro

Regular price: PLN 8.09.000 zlotys Free download z Google Play

Blue light filter for Android

Blue Light Filter Pro It is an application that limits the emission of blue light across the phone screen. For this purpose, it changes its color by applying a transparent colored filter. This helps alleviate the negative effects on sleep and eye strain. In the application settings, you can set the filter startup schedule and choose one of the suggested colors.

Pro Qamp – MP3 Player

Regular price: PLN 4.19.000 zlotys Free download z Google Play

Music Player Pro Qamp

Pro Qamp is a music file player with a 10-band equalizer. Here you can set your own audio profile or use one of the preset settings. There’s also a sleep timer, the ability to randomize or repeat tracks, and play from folders or from your own library. Supported file formats are: mp3, mp4/m4a (including alac), ogg, wma, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff.


Regular price: PLN 1.79.000 Free download z Google Play

Evertale for Android

Evertale is an open world RPG. In some ways, it is similar to Pokemon. An important part of the gameplay is capturing and training mysterious creatures and heroes – there are almost 200 of them in the entire game. In addition, there are plenty of explorations of the rich world and the search for valuable artifacts while learning about the beautiful story. Battles can take place in two ways: 4 vs 4 turn-based or real-time online PvP tournaments where help from other guild members is helpful.

How much can I spend?

Regular price: PLN 14.99.000 zlotys Free download z Google Play

How much can i spend?  Free on google play

How much can i spend? Keep track of your expenses He is a personal account manager. However, it is not used to monitor what money is spent on, but to report the amount remaining in the established budget assumptions. The application will be useful, If that is not enough for the first, when saving and checking the overall health of the budget. It can also solve the problem noted by Robert Kiyosaki – as salaries rise, so do expenses.

The application is very simple – enter the withdrawal amount, select the date of the next payment and the possible amount of savings. Based on this, the application will put a limit on your daily spending. The app also uses some simplification, only supports one currency and often rounds the amounts so you don’t obscure the picture of finances.

Hexanet White – Icon Pack

Regular price: PLN 4.59 Free download z Google Play

Hexanet White - Android Icons

white hexanite It is an icon pack for Android, built on the basis of white hexagons. The icons are transparent and look great with moderate and dark themes. Shipment contains More than 5,000 icons and nearly 40 specially selected wallpapers. Icons are suitable for use with a variety of launchers, see Google Play for a full list.

G . competition

Regular price: PLN 16.99.000 zlotys Free download z Google Play

G Quiz for Android

G . competition It’s a game show on the phone. You can check and deepen your knowledge in various topics, from art to politics and sports to tools and comics. The game is currently only available in English, so you can improve your language skills at the same time.


Regular price: PLN 16.99.000 zlotys Free download z Google Play

manoir It is an interesting puzzle platformer with exciting gameplay and an interesting atmosphere. The main character has to travel through a haunted villa – hence the title of the game. Each room presents a different challenge, the more boards the more difficult. Some solutions require thinking outside the box. The player has 10 lives I He has to steal 30 diamonds From different parts of the villa, not to get in the way. It should be noted that the game was created by one person.

Image source: Munro Studio on Unsplash

Text Source: Play, Google Play

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