Immersive view in Google Maps - here with a simulation of the time of day

Google has revealed several new features that will soon be available in Search and Maps. News will help you find the information you are looking for easier and faster, and in the case of Google Maps – analyze the situation that can be found at the destination of your trip.

The new options remain Presented at Google Search On . Conference And it’s just an introduction to the many other changes that Google intends to implement in its services. Most of all, the wallpaper was captured The Google search engine that multiple search goes to – New option that allows you to search for landing pages at the same time with use Text queries and images. The solution is already available in English and will be rolled out to an additional 70 markets in the ‘coming months’.

In the end, the multiple search will be extended by Multi Search near you. Thanks to this mechanism, the user will be able to take a photo of the selected element (for example, a plant), and then search for it in the address “Nearby” – Google will indicate the garden store where such a plant can be purchased. Unfortunately, in this case, you will have to wait a long time for implementation. The Fall feature will be available in English in the United States. Availability in other markets is a matter of the distant future.

Immersive view in Google Maps - here with a simulation of the time of day
Image source: © Google

Immersive view in Google Maps – here with a simulation of the time of day

There seems to be another interesting novelty Immersive view on Google Maps – With this feature, content creators want to give everyone a chance to “feel the atmosphere” of their travel destination. It relates to the ability to display a whole set of information in one place (such as weather or traffic volume) at the destination, taking into account the time the user will arrive at the place.

“By combining our advanced imagery of the world with our predictive models, you can experience what will be tomorrow, a week, and even next month at a specific location. Today, we are expanding the first version of this feature with a bird’s eye view of 250 landmarks. And in the coming months, the mass demo will appear at 5 big cities (not much later in the following cities) ”- we read in the Google blog.

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