Google launches the Polish version of Gemini

Gemini finally spoke in Polish. Google mentions in its blog that the main functions of its AI-powered chatbot have been expanded to include several European languages ​​and countries, including the native Vistula language. You can interact with the program in one of three ways: entering a text command, speaking it by voice, or by sending an image.

The app recognizes objects in photos well (but insisted in one case that a watch clearly visible in the photo was covered by another object), though it doesn’t always handle voice messages perfectly. Twice, for some unknown reason, instead of speaking in Polish, she answered me in English. A short configuration has Gemini responding to voice commands, just like the previously available Google Assistant, and can be called up using the “Hey Google” command (quick access can also be gained by double-tapping the phone’s power button or dragging the icon into the corner of the locked screen).

Google says that for Gemini to work properly, it requires at least 4GB of RAM and Android OS version 12 (although support for iOS 16 is planned as well). Interestingly, I also ran the chatbot on Android 11 without any issues and it is available for free on the Google Play app store.

A more comprehensive, paid version of Gemini Advanced is also being launched, which uses the Gemini 1.5 Pro language model and will give users access to really powerful tools, such as the ability to summarize large digital documents (1,500 pages) or process a 30,000-page code base. Lines. These features are intended to provide significant competition to the commercial release of ChatGPT.

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