Google isn't just about successes.  8 mistakes from the American giant

nexus x It was supposed to be a device designed by Google that would conquer the US market. At first glance, this was a reaction to the Apple TV. The Nexus Q can be connected to audio and TV devices, thus creating a home entertainment center.

Google officially presented its project at the 2012 Developer Conference. Reviews $299 device The technology blogs, however, were very unfavorable. This is mainly due to the fact that Nexus Q can only stream from Google-owned services (Google Music, Google Play and YouTube). Thus, users cannot use popular applications such as Netflix And the spotify.

In the end, the Nexus Q was not sold at all.

Google glasses Is it a kind of mini computer or smart phone Displays electronic content not on the screen, but directly on the human retina.

Smart glasses made it possible, among other things, to receive information from the Internet, take pictures and videos, and facilitate navigation. In theory, that’s all, because in practice this device turned out to be a complete failure.

Google glasses They weren’t popular because of their affiliation strange apperance. Moreover, there was expensive (1.5 thousand dollars apiece) and they had Tons of software problems. The company completed the sale of Google Glass to consumers in January 2015.

tango It was supposed to be a revolution in the market. At the time of its debut, Google assumed that Tango . project It will focus on smartphones and innovative technology will allow 3D scanning of our surroundingsincluding rooms (eg by measuring a specific room), recognizing places where the phone has been used before, navigating within buildings (eg in shopping malls) or using augmented reality (including games).

The project even got some positive reviews. They were the problem Few phone models that supported Tango. In order to popularize augmented reality solutions, Google had to change its strategy, especially since Google’s biggest competitor – Apple (ARKit) – entered the game. Thus, the company focused on development ARCore.

Google Echo is a small blog project, that was supposed to rival Twitter and Facebook, and It turned out to be a complete failure. Work on service was announced by the Mountain View giant in February 2010, and less than a year later he resigned from work on the project. why? Google Echo has become a big problem for Google due to poor privacy protections. As a result, the company had to deal with a large number of lawsuits.

+ Google Perhaps the biggest failure of the California giant. Since the beginning of its existence, the company has been following the zeitgeist, which is why This project was supposed to be a real competition for Facebook, which began to achieve global success.

Google dumped all of its resources to Google+ in hopes of bringing Android, YouTube, and Chrome users onto one platform. However, another attempt to throw the gloves at Mark Zuckerberg was unsuccessful. In October 2018, it was announced that the platform would be disabled for individual users.

google video This is another failed project on this list. It was supposed to compete with YouTubeIt is the leading free video sharing platform to date. A project launched by Google in 2005 that allows uploading video files to servers and publish it on other sites. Besides amateur films, the platform has been serving professional commercial media such as TV shows and movies.

However, Google Video was not able to compete with the more comprehensive YouTube platform. So what did Google do? In 2006, he bought YouTube for $1.65 billion.

Lively was a browser-based 3D digital world (Internet Explorer and Firefox) where possible Access information or chat with othersBy entering a virtual room. The company said it created the project because it “wanted users to be able to connect with their friends and express themselves online in a new way”. However, the site did not catch the It lasted four months before it was completely closed.

This is another weird project on Google that only lasted for four years. Looking at the past, we can say that it is still quite a long time. Google thought its latest platform would raise money from users who They will pay experts to search for information on the web on a topic that interests themt fluctuated rates From $2 to $200.

It soon became apparent Google Answers Project Error. Users were looking for free answers from the community on the web and were hesitant to use the paid platform.

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