April 2, 2023


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Goodbye happiness |  Four brothers and a funeral ★★

Goodbye happiness | Four brothers and a funeral ★★

The day after their father’s funeral, the four brothers return to their childhood home in the Magdalen Islands. With their wife and children, they want to pay their last respects to the deceased. When the young man loses the coffin containing the ashes, the conflicts begin and the memories resurface.

Luck Bowlanger

Luck Bowlanger

In accordance Great dizziness And Starbucks, Ken Scott presents a new popular comedy, which was carried by the cast of the star cast and filmed on a postcard system. However, this family story, very predictable and full of good feelings, was not taken as well as its previous successes.

Goodbye happiness In a family it sometimes refers to worsening conflicts with the death of the parents. Newly orphaned, the four brothers travel to the Magdalen Islands to return to their childhood summer home and try to reconnect. A symbolic place. But the paternalistic tradition allows them to experience more serious adventures than their grief.

No inspiration

The director and screenwriter formed his imaginary family around four types of men, around their forties. The elder, Charles-Alexandre, played by Louis Morissette, is a wealthy businessman who, without mercy, wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. The youngest, played by Nicholas, Franசois Arnaud, is a distracted chef who wants to enjoy life (he has four children by four different women!). Between the two, the nostalgic Thomas (Antoine Bertrand) is greatly disturbed by the death of his father; And retired professor / teacher William (Patrice Robitdale) worried about the lack of inspiration to stop writing his play.

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Alas, the syndrome of the blank side of the Rapidail character seems to have reached the screenwriter of the film. Its main characters are all primitive: profiteer, epicurean, nostalgic and intellectual. The problem is, they only have their arch in the screen.

Photo by Eric Myr, provided by Opel Films

Franுவாois Arnaud and Julie Le Bretton Goodbye happiness

Louis Morissette plays his role Entrepreneur Shameless. The actor will be the chairman of the board of directors of a multinational company whenever he responds to his brothers or the villagers. All three of his guys perform a little better, but are looking for the right tone. As for the female characters, they are less used and destroyed; With the exception of Julie Le Bretton, Madeleine is the hope of caring for the home of the deceased.

The shortcut to situations leaves little room for emotions (for a film about grief, this is complicated). Funny moments despite the clichேs make you laugh. The landscapes and beaches are photographed in abundance in all their splendor.

At one point, the four brothers go to play golf together for the first time. We imagine coming to a major scene and learning a little more about the protagonists and their families. However, this scene is only an excuse to see them “swing” their ball towards the sea. An iconic image of this film, it symbolizes the beauty of the islands rather than a work that touches on a universal subject.