Gold Seal of the Sea: A Frightening Demon from the Depths of the Antarctic Ocean

A movable mouth that can open a few centimeters, a body covered with golden whiskers resembling a Christmas tree ornament, and a very ugly appearance.

Eulagisca Gigantea first appeared in 1997 and 2000 reports, although their authors were not sure at the time whether what they were describing was really a new species inhabiting the Antarctic Ocean.

It was established one hundred percent only in December 2011, giving the creature a separate name (in Poland it is the golden seal of the sea). And although nearly 10 years have passed since then, it remains a mystery to the world of science.

How do they live, how do they reproduce, and what do they really eat? We are still looking for answers to these questions.

One thing is for sure: Eulagisca Gigantea attracts attention with its appearance. The creature can be up to 20 cm in length and 10 in width.

The body of the oceanic invertebrates is covered with a sheath called an elytra, and its mouth parts that make up a quarter of its total length, are enriched by a suction cup that can pull out whatever it catches. In addition, there are really sharp teeth that can tear many victims to shreds.

Besides, we know very little and probably won’t find out soon.

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