Godzilla vs.  Kong 2 - The first pictures of the group

A sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong is already under construction. The behind-the-scenes recording was released to continue the popular production. What is already known about her?

Godzilla vs. Kong – Continuing on the way

7News Brisbane has released a recording that proves it Continuation of the fourth installment of the Monster-verse saga (The American Giant Monster Movie Epic from Legendary Pictures) It is already being implemented. The location of the filming plan has been determined in Queensland, Australia.

Although the plot of Godzilla vs. Kong doesn’t know much Job Title – Son Kong – Allows you to doubt that we will see on the screen The Next Generation Battle of Giant Monsters.

The next production manager is Adam Wingard – The same thing behind the first batch of title. It should appear on the screen Dan Stevens. Earlier, we were able to see this duo in an action horror movie titled “Guest” from 2014.

The first part of the movie series has appeared big commercial success. Despite the ongoing pandemic and the parallel release of the title on HBO Max The box office gross has grossed over $470 million.

Currently, Godzilla vs. Kong on the Internet you will see, among other things On HBO Max, Canal+, online and in Player.

Godzilla vs. Kong 2 – When will the premiere be?

We’ll have to wait a bit to start production. For now, only the official release date remains March 15, 2024.

Source: Collider.com, 7News BrisbaneAnd the press material

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