God of War for PC received mods just hours after its premiere
January 16 2022, 13:30

God of War in the PC version, a few hours after its premiere, received its first modifications. Modifications are mainly related to graphic design.

How long do mods need to create new game content? If you take the PC version of God of War, it could be said that a few hours is enough. on the page Modify Nexus Still On the day of the premiere GoW There are six modifications, and currently there are fifteen of them.

Is it true that these are not projects that radically change production? The vast majority of them serve you God of War Only graphic corrections. Thanks to the mods, we can follow the adventures of Kratos and Atreus in a movie mood (Rich legends) and less dark climate )simple realistic) and in a more eye-pleasing environment (clear imagination).

Among the projects we can also find entries for the New game plus modethat were exported from modders from the console. Thanks to this, players can survive in the story God of WarWithout having to worry about upgrading your inventory. Such modifications for example New game plus start fileAnd God of War NG Plus And Ultimate GOW Modded Starter Save. In the latter, if you believe the medium, Kratos is so powerful that he doesn’t need any armor.

God of War In the PC version Available Currently on Steam and Epic Games Store. On the first of these platforms The game has already received nearly 10,000 ReviewsAlmost all are positive. So the port can certainly to get to know Very successful.

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