Give up articles first!  Players ask: "Is this a mockery?"  He makes fun of the creators

After several days of waiting, the developers of Abandoned have just released an update. Players must download an additional 5 GB to see the first material in the mystery app. Get a taste of the PS5 game.

Much has been said about the abandoned. Production was supposed to be revealed on Tuesday, but the Blue Box game had major problems with the update. After a few days of apologies and translations, the app has received a new patch that takes up 5GB and gives players access to the first “real-time experience”.

It must be remembered that this is the beginning of the promotion, and in the future, Blue Box Game plans to introduce new content to players and the application will include new trailers that will allow a better understanding of the abandoned concept.

One should definitely mention that Today there were some very strong allegations about the abandoned – Blue Box Game has been promising a mysterious title for years, the studio has abandoned many projects in the meantime, but maybe this time it will succeed and the game will actually debut on the market?

It is difficult to comment on the situation because The developers of the app shared a teaser, which was posted on Twitter on Tuesday… This video was a preview of the show, then it has been delayed and we have now received identical material.

Players make fun of Abandoned and Blue Box Game for a reason.

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