Giselo arrives in Barcelona and is surprised when Paula stays at Manzanelle's residence: This is their meeting with Frandula |  Performances

Argumentative meeting. Edson Devila, also known as ‘Giselo’, traveled to Spain as part of a year-end holiday.

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The co-host of the show “America Hoy” shared different videos of his meeting with his friend in Spain, who was not expecting him at home.

“Dude, I came up with the promised loan. Where is my room? Well, it’s okay, I’ll sleep with you ”, The artist’s first words after meeting Manzanala.

In the video, Paula is surprised to see her unexpected guest, but finally greets him with both hands.

It is worth noting that Janet Barbosa, the co-sponsor of “America Hoyil” Giselo, is also in Spain, sharing some videos of her experience in that country.

‘Giselo’ Paula Manzanal surprises in Edson Devil

Giselo is coming to Spain for the first time

, Also known as , He was excited to be coming to Spain for the first time. The glamorous co-host of the show ‘America Hoy’, reality boy Alejandro Pino has arrived in Europe to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year at ‘Chocladito’.

Known, through his Instagram account He said he had gone to Granada and was about to go to the iconic city of Barcelona.

But despite that, If he did not share many photos of his travels it was because he did not like it, but he insisted that he would do so at the request of his followers.

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