Gino Chouinard was honored in the assembly: “I was shocked, impressed, touched, moved…”

Gino Sounard was moved by the tribute paid to him on Tuesday by the elected representatives of the National Assembly.

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“I was surprised, inspired, touched and moved by my vision of doing things modestly in my daily life,” he enumerated in an interview on the corridors of Parliament in Quebec.

“Plus, there were five or six speeches in the room,” he continues. The greetings, compliments and greetings from the elected officials really touched me.

Popular host of the show hello hello However, he says he’s “not a very good receiver” when it comes to honorifics and forgetting sections due to strong emotions.

“I’ll have to watch the tape again,” he laughs. There are a lot of things that have been said,” he said.

Mr. Chouinard insists he wasn’t expecting such an “interesting” experience.

“In addition to being in a bracket that represents all of us, [honoré] For a few minutes when I was greeted by the elected officials, it was very touching,” he notes with a smile on his lips.

The host at least wants to be reassured: his life is not over.

“I see this as giving me inspiration for the future. This is the end of my participation Health, but this is the start of something else, he promises. I look at it like I’m being given a new baton to continue my journey and continue what I’m doing.

“It’s a lot of recognition,” he said humbly. Honestly, I’d say it’s more recognition. I never expected such important words to be spoken in such a small place.

Watch the full interview with Gino Chouinard in the video above.

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