Gilder Roy’s sacking: fear for Jean-Charles Lajoie

– Gilder Roy’s elimination at TVA is final.

– The animator was warned overnight…


– Should we parallel Jean-Charles Lajoie?

– Like Gilder Roy, Lajoie is a Quebec icon.

– Like Gilder Roy, Lajoie is underpaid by TVA Sports.

– Like Gilder Roy, Lajoie’s ratings are down.

On TVA, talk show La Tour fell below 400,000 viewers. Le Devoir wrote.

A particularly low audience for the most-watched channel in Quebec, the show hosted by Gilder Roy announced in February that it would not be renewed for next fall.

One would be tempted to conclude that the smash hit of Indefensible couldn’t pull off the LA tour, scheduled daily at 7:30pm on the TV schedule.

But Nathalie Fabien, senior director of channels and programs at Groupe TVA, wants to change this cause.

“La Paulis is right when he says that television audiences are down. No one can say otherwise, all broadcasters face it.”

In this case D.V.A Don’t come off too bad. This year we have managed to increase our market share even though the total audience has decreased. If we didn’t have Insecure, the audience might have gone down even more,” he opines.

– The problem with TVA Sports and Jean-Charles Lajoie is that the executives thought his show was the same.Insecure to the sports station.

– TVA Sports was convinced Lajoie’s show would lift everyone up.

– It was the opposite.

– The show sometimes struggles to attract 1000 viewers per minute in real time.

— but unlike Gilder Roy, Lajoie remains in office.

– Apparently, his 3-year contract is valid and guaranteed until 2026 which helps with this immunity.

— but his show’s production costs were too expensive to bring it on.

– TVA Sports may be tempted to push the exit door on Lajoie, even if it pays them through 2026.

Gilder Roy’s Cavalier dismissal raises the burning question:

– Does the same fate await Jean-Charles Lajoie?

– 2023-2024 is the last opportunity year for JIC.

– Hit or miss..

– But stakeholders close to the television community do not see how Lajoie can turn the tide when he monopolizes all the ratings in this hour case of RDS from 5 to 7.

– Lajoie, who fell on the radio… was ungratefully fired from PBM Sports.

– The Quebec media landscape consists of only TV and TVA sports.

– It remains to be seen whether he will completely disappear from the map by the end of this season.

– The continuing saga…

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